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    Electric furnace principle

    The melting process of 500kg induction melting furnace is the procedure from the first charging to the tapping of the finished melt batch.

    When cold-starting mains frequency furnaces, starter blocks, starter rings or compressed scrap are required, that have been made up into starter blocks.
    Mains frequency furnaces are used as sump melting furnaces. At a liquid metal filling level of approx. 60%, a suitable quantity of scrap is filled into the liquid bath at a temperature of approx. 1,450 °„C. The charged scrap is now melted by super-heating the melt. After the first set has settled and started to melt, the sec- ond set is added. This process is continued until the filling level for taking a sam- ple is reached. In accordance with the analysis, the final analysis is now set and the remaining materials with the alloy elements are added and melted. The melt temperature should be 80 - 100 K below the tapping temperature. By agreement with the foundry, the furnace is skimmed for tapping and brought up to the tar- get temperature. In the case of NF furnaces, approx. 8 minutes are needed for this purpose, depending on the specific performance, e.g. 12 t ®C 3,240 kW at  432 kWh per 100 K.

    MF furnaces are operated without a sump as charge melting furnaces. The mate- rial is charged into the empty furnace up to the upper edge of the furnace coil. When the electrical power supply is switched on, a voltage is induced in the scrap, which causes strong eddy currents. Due to the high electric current and the resistance of the material, the material is heated up to the point of melting. The melting material settles together, and the furnace can be recharged with more material. In MF furnaces, the material is not charged into the liquid bath, but onto the still solid material. When the liquid filling level has about reached the upper edge of the coil, the sample is taken and the material for the final analysis added to the furnace. This material is now melted, and the melt brought up to a temperature of 80 - 100 K below the tapping temperature. By agreement with the foundry, the furnace is now skimmed and brought up to the tapping temperature. In the case of MF furnaces, 2 ®C 5 minutes are needed for this pur- pose, depending on the specific performance. At 5 t and 3,600 kW performance, 3 minutes are required for 100 K, after which the 1st tapping is carried out.

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