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    Electric furnace repair

    Introduction to components of induction melting furnace

    1, thyristor

    SCR is the core component of induction melting furnace, and it is also one of the more expensive devices. Therefore, manufacturers who choose strong technical ability, strict process and complete testing means should choose the junction temperature test at 115 <C. The test results are issued, and the components are assembled and matched according to the test parameters.

    2, induction melting furnace smoothing reactor

    The smoothing reactor is very important for induction melting furnaces and it has two functions. First, the output current of the rectifier is made smooth and stable. Second, when the inverter thyristor is short-circuited, the growth rate of the short-circuit current and the maximum short-circuit current are limited. If the parameter design of the filter reactor is unreasonable, the core material is not good or the manufacturing process is not good, which will have a great impact on the operational reliability of the intermediate frequency power supply.

    3, capacitor reactive power compensation device

    The compensation capacitor cabinet is made of channel steel and angle steel, and is equipped with a safety net to make the overall structure firm and beautiful. The double-layer mica insulation technology is applied to the insulation treatment of the capacitor, even if water is accidentally sprayed on the capacitor. It can also guarantee the insulation strength of the cabinet.

    The capacitor bank adopts large-section water-cooled copper bars, so that the working temperature of the copper bars does not exceed 45 <C to reduce the transmission loss of the parallel resonant circuit.

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