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    Electric furnace principle

    Control system requirements for induction melting furnaces

    1. Electric control intermediate frequency power supply, induction control melting system, PLC control system, LCD display and other intermediate frequency power supply, but it is not limited to this.

    2. The operation control panel beside the induction melting furnace should have automatic / manual selection operation function.

    3. The emergency stop button should be set on the console next to the field machine.

    4. All data exchange or interlocking with the catenary should provide I / O contacts in hard-wired form.

    5. The PLC intermediate frequency power supply provided by the induction melting furnace adopts American AB's PLC products. Each PLC intermediate frequency power supply should reserve an independent Ethernet communication interface to connect with the control system network of the anode assembly workshop.

    6. The man-machine interface text is in Chinese.

    7. All software uses the latest version.

    8. Protection level requirements: Installed in the control room IP54, installed in the field IP65.

    9. PLC intermediate frequency power supply should provide 10% I / O backup channel.

    10. For reasons such as the consistency of the entire plant's control system and intermediate frequency power supply, the tenderer may specify the models and specifications of the control system software and hardware, instruments, and electrical intermediate frequency power supply of the actuator.

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