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    Inspection before installation of induction melting furnace:

    1) Whether the main components and installation materials of the induction melting furnace are complete, and check their condition. The defects of some parts and materials caused by improper transportation and storage should be repaired to ensure that all equipment, parts, corresponding materials and parts are intact to ensure the smooth progress of future installation and commissioning.

    2) Check and accept the various civil engineering facilities related to the induction melting furnace, such as checking whether the main dimensions in the layout are correct; checking whether the foundations, trenches and embedded parts required for the installation of various electrical equipment and main busbars conform to the design Requirements, whether the furnace foundation, platform elevation, deviation of the vertical and horizontal axes, and the position of the anchor screws are within the specified size range; check whether the construction quality of the foundation and platform meets the requirements. Only after the above preparations are completed, can the furnace be installed and debugged.

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