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    Electric furnace principle圻尖

    How to operate the electrical appliances of the silver melting furnace to be safe?

    1) The control system can ensure that the supply of energy to the silver melting furnace will not be dangerous when abnormal, and the silver melting furnace itself will not be damaged, nor will it cause harm to personnel.

    2) The control system is placed in a position that is convenient for the operator to operate and observe. The silver melting furnace is equipped with the necessary emergency stop button according to the specific situation. The emergency stop mechanism must be self-locking, and its operating color is red. If there is a background color, the background color should be black. The operating parts of the button-operated switch should be of the palm type or mushroom head type.

    3) The electrical control system of the silver melting furnace: with overload protection and short circuit protection functions. When the circuit of the silver melting furnace collides with the shell, the control system cuts off the power supply of the circuit within 0.1 second.

    4) During inspection, adjustment, and maintenance, it is necessary to observe the dangerous area or the part of the human body that needs to reach into the dangerous area for the production of silver melting furnace, and it is necessary to prevent accidental start. When the silver melting furnace may endanger personal safety due to accidental starting, a mandatory safety protection device must be equipped to prevent accidental starting.

    5) When the energy is accidentally cut off and then reconnected, the silver melting furnace must be able to avoid dangerous operation.

    6) A three-phase five-wire power supply system is adopted, and the outer shell of the silver melting furnace adopts protective zero connection measures.

    7) The motor is installed firmly, and the control requires overload, short circuit, and open circuit protection, and the protection level is above IP54.

    8) During the operation of the silver melting furnace, when a component fails or is damaged, the silver melting furnace itself has corresponding protection measures, which cannot cause greater damage to the silver melting furnace itself, nor can it cause harm to the operator . The main protection measures are: action running time protection: alarm when the actual running time of an action exceeds the conventional value; heating temperature protection: alarm when the normal heating or cooling time is exceeded but the predetermined effect is not reached; malfunction protection: due to The pipeline is not tightly sealed to relieve the pressure, and an alarm should be issued if the parts that should not be moved act; etc.

    9) There are measures to prevent abrasion of wires around the outlet of the power distribution cabinet. There is no connector in the power cord.

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