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    Application of comparison method for maintenance of induction melting furnace

    The contrast method is a method to find the cause of the fault by comparing the normal feature with the wrong feature. When it is suspected that there is a problem with a certain unit circuit of the induction melting furnace, the parameters of this unit circuit can be the same as the parameters of the normal unit circuit in the same working state. (Such as theoretical analysis of current, voltage, waveform, etc.) to make a comparison. This method is most suitable when there is no schematic diagram of the circuit, that is, the fault is judged by comparing the test data with the drawing data and the normal parameters recorded at ordinary times.

       The induction melting furnace recorded at the time can be compared with the intact induction melting furnace of the same model to find out the abnormal conditions in the unit circuit, and then analyze the cause of the failure and judge the failure point. The comparison method can be the analogy of the same unit circuit. It can also be a comparison between a faulty circuit board and a known circuit board, which can help maintenance personnel quickly narrow the scope of fault inspection.

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