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    Acceptance Standards for Silver Melting Furnace:

        The silver melting furnace is manufactured by Party B, and the acceptance before leaving the factory: (The silver melting furnace must be run empty before leaving the factory, and the manufacturer must provide the factory inspection certificate and inspection records of the silver melting furnace.) The acceptance is qualified and the buyer is notified for confirmation. Shipment afterwards.

    After installation and commissioning, the formal acceptance of the silver melting furnace at Party A¨s factory:

    After the installation of the silver melting furnace is completed, Party B proposes that Party A can use it for trial production.

    Party A conducts trial production. One week after the trial production of the silver melting furnace, the formal acceptance can only be carried out when the acceptance conditions are met.

    1) The silver melting furnace can operate automatically, the operation is stable and reliable, there is no abnormal sound, and there is no failure in the continuous operation for a week.

    2) The wires in the electric control cabinet are neat, with complete wire numbers and no color loss.

    3) The surface of the silver melting furnace is painted smoothly, with uniform thickness, no impurities, and the color conforms to the color palette.

    4) All technical data of the silver melting furnace are ready.

    5) The surface of the welding part of the silver melting furnace is smooth without welding defects, and the surface is polished.

    6) The random spare parts for each silver melting furnace are ready and have been delivered to Party A.

    7) No design defects.

    8) The silver melting furnace can carry out continuous production for more than 24 hours. The overall silver melting furnace is beautiful and generous. The parts of the silver melting furnace must not have electricity, water, oil leakage, etc.

    9) During the trial operation of the silver melting furnace, there is no damage to important parts (except for human reasons). Important parts include solenoid valves, motors, oil motors, oil pumps, oil cylinders, PLCs and computers.

    10) The products produced meet the quality requirements.

    11) During the trial production, Party B must send someone to follow up the production and deal with the problem of the silver melting furnace.

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