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    Electric furnace principle圻尖

    Installation and debugging of electric yoke of induction melting furnace

    The installation of the main intermediate frequency power supply line, transformers, capacitors, reactors, various switch cabinets and control cabinets, main bus bars, power lines and control lines of the induction melting furnace should be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of the national industrial enterprise electrical design and installation. Special attention should be paid to the following points:


    (1) Terminal numbers should be marked on both ends of all control wires in the electrical equipment room to facilitate inspection and maintenance. After the wiring is completed, check repeatedly and test the electrical actions to ensure that the actions of all electrical appliances and their interlocking devices are correct.

    (2) Before the sensor is connected to water, check the insulation resistance of the sensor and do a withstand voltage test. If the sensor has been watered, you need to use compressed air to dry the water, and then perform the above test. The sensor should be able to withstand 2Un+1000 volts (but not less than 2000 volts) insulation withstand voltage test for 1 minute without flashover and breakdown. Un is the rated voltage of the inductor. In the high voltage test, the voltage starts from the 1/2Un specified value and increases to the maximum value within 10 seconds.

    In the inductor, the insulation resistance between the induction coils and between the induction coil and the ground should meet the following requirements: For those with a rated voltage below 1000 volts, use a 1000 volt shaker, and the insulation resistance value should not be less than 1 megohm; the rated voltage is 1000 For those above volts, use a 2500 volt meter with an insulation resistance of 1000 ohms. If the insulation resistance value is found to be lower than the above value, the inductor should be dried, which can be dried with the help of a heater placed in the furnace or blowing hot air. At this time, however, care should be taken to prevent local overheating which is harmful to the insulation.

    (3) Whether the yoke top screws are firm and tightened.

    The furnace must be confirmed before it is put into operation: all interlocking and signal systems are intact, the tilt limit switch is reliable when the furnace body is tilted to the maximum position, and the power supply, measuring instruments and control and protection systems are in normal conditions, and then the furnace is built, Test of knotting and sintering of furnace lining.


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