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    How to protect the induction melting furnace in winter?

    1. When the induction melting furnace cools rapidly in winter, it is easy to cause the furnace lining to rupture, so the induction melting furnace needs to be cooled slowly. During the cooling process of the induction melting furnace, the molten iron in the furnace is in a tight state with the furnace lining, and the furnace lining is broken due to the effect of thermal expansion and contraction. Induction melting furnace wear-through accident.

    2. When the induction melting furnace is shut down in winter, a high-pressure air pump should be used to blow out all the cooling water in the induction melting furnace, because the residual water will corrode the contacts in the water pressure switch or cause the pipeline to block due to the precipitation of impurities; the temperature is very low When the water is damaged, it even freezes the water pipe;

    3. Seal the inlet and outlet of the cooling pipeline of the induction melting furnace with tape;

    Fourth, wrap the induction melting furnace equipment with plastic bags to prevent dust or other from entering the equipment;

    5. If the production of the induction melting furnace is not continuous operation, it is recommended to add antifreeze to the closed water tank of the cooling tower to ensure that the entire circulating pipeline is filled with antifreeze, to ensure that the circulating pipeline does not freeze and crack, and the purity of the antifreeze is more than 99% B corrosion , it will not volatilize itself, and the ratio of antifreeze and circulating water needs to be selected according to the site.

    6. Antifreeze prevention measures for the cooler of the induction melting furnace First of all, when installing the cooling tower of the induction melting furnace, the cooler should be inclined in terms of antifreezing in winter, so that the cooling tower cooler coil can be guaranteed when the cooling tower is shut down in winter. The cooling water in the cooling tower is drained to prevent it from being below zero. If the cooling tower stops running, high-pressure gas is used to blow out the residual water in the cooling tower through the water inlet to ensure that the cooler coil will not be frozen.

    7. The winter antifreeze mode of the induction melting furnace is aimed at full production tasks and basically uninterrupted production, but there are short-term production intervals, you can switch to the winter antifreeze mode, set the interval time and running time by yourself, and the equipment can automatically follow the set program. run. However, it should be noted that the power supply is normal, so that the circulating medium in the system is sufficient.

    8. If the induction melting furnace is out of use due to the winter holiday, the induction melting furnace equipment should be placed in a dry, ventilated and dust-free place. In wet seasons or areas, the induction melting furnace should be at least once a month. There are also special circumstances such as the Spring Festival holiday, and the induction melting furnace equipment will not be used for a long time. Users should pay more attention to the storage problem of the induction melting furnace.

    9. Induction melting furnace Precautions for adding antifreeze to cooling system in winter

    1. According to the ambient temperature of the place of use and the performance parameters of the antifreeze, prepare an antifreeze suitable for the local meteorological characteristics.

    2. The freezing point of antifreeze generally needs to be selected to be 10C lower than the winter temperature of the residence.

    3. Concentrated antifreeze needs to be mixed with water.

    4. The ready-to-use antifreeze does not need to be mixed with water, but it is necessary to choose an antifreeze with a high reputation and a big brand.

    5. Regular maintenance should pay attention to check the amount of antifreeze, and if it is found to be insufficient, it should be replenished with the same brand of antifreeze in time.

    6. The antifreeze should be replaced according to the date required by the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the antifreeze should be replaced every two years.

    The above are the basic protective measures for the induction melting furnace in winter. I hope everyone can pay attention to it. Protecting the induction melting furnace in winter can ensure that the use efficiency of the induction melting furnace can be improved.

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