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    Reasons to choose round steel heating furnace

    1. The round steel heating furnace has fast heating speed and less oxidation and decarburization

    Since the principle of intermediate frequency induction heating is electromagnetic induction eddy current heating, the heat is generated by the workpiece itself, so the heating speed is fast, the oxidation is less, the efficiency is high, and the process repeatability is good.

    2. The round steel heating furnace has a high degree of automation and can realize fully automatic operation

    The automatic feeding mechanism and the discharging automatic sorting device are selected, and the industrial computer or man-machine interface can realize fully automatic operation.

    3. The heating temperature of the round steel heating furnace is uniform, and the temperature control accuracy reaches 0.1%

    The heating temperature is uniform and the radial temperature difference is small. The temperature can be precisely controlled by the temperature automatic control system.

    4. The round steel heating furnace inductor has a long service life and is easy to replace

    The furnace lining is made of silicon carbide or the overall knotting method. The operating temperature is above 1250 C, and it has good insulation, heat insulation, shock resistance and impact resistance.

    5. The error between the design power and the actual operating power of the inductor induction coil of the round steel heating furnace is not more than 5%. The insulation of the coil adopts advanced insulation treatment methods to ensure that the special clamping technology can effectively reduce the axial vibration. The coil is made of high-quality T2 cold-rolled thick-walled square copper tube

    6. The round steel heating furnace needs to be replaced with different heating furnaces when heating different heated workpieces. In order to facilitate the replacement and reduce the workload when replacing the furnace body, the Haishan electric furnace heating furnace is designed as an integral quick-change type. When changing the furnace body for different heating workpieces, quick replacement can be achieved.

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