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    Brass melting Furnace

    product description


    First, the amount of melt from 3KG to 500KG

    Second, the choice of Brass  melting Furnace lining

    Graphite crucible One Generally used for melting: silver, aluminum, silver, yellow silver and other silver ;

    Magnesia One Generally used for melting: iron, stainless steel, and silver with a higher melting point .


    Cast iron

    Graphite crucible


    Third, Brass  melting Furnace equipment parameters

    1,There are three types of Brass  melting Furnaces : dumping Brass  melting Furnaces , ejector Brass  melting Furnaces and stationary Brass  melting Furnaces ;

    2,Dumping Brass  melting Furnace : can be divided into mechanical dumping furnace, electric dumping furnace and hydraulic dumping furnace;

    3,According to different application requirements, it can be equipped with infrared thermometer, temperature controller and other devices;

    4Can be customized according to your needs; equipment personalized customization - 10 years of experience in the industry, and has been committed to induction heating automation, we understand the induction heating process, can provide efficient and effective solutions for your special process needs The program fully meets your needs.



    Fourth, the advantages of Brass  melting Furnace equipment

    1,Ultra-small size, movable, covering only 0.6 square meters.

    2,It is convenient to replace the furnace body with different weight, different materials and different furnace methods to meet various melting requirements;

    3,It is very convenient to install, debug and operate.

    4,Can work 24 hours a day, smelting evenly and faster;

    5.Environmental protection, in line with environmental protection requirements, eliminating the trouble of environmental inspection;

    6,Power saving, compared with the thyristor intermediate frequency, not only small size, easy maintenance, but also can save 15-20% .

    7,It has the function of electromagnetic stirring, which is beneficial to smelting the temperature of the silver and the uniformity of the structure, which is beneficial to scumming and reducing impurities;

    8,The equipment is small in size, light in weight, and has a large range of smelting from several kilograms to several hundred kilograms. It can be used in a wide range of applications, and is suitable for use in factories and small-scale smelting in schools and research institutes;

    Five, Brass  melting Furnace specifications and melting capacity

    Specifications /Model

    Fused steel /iron

    Melting aluminum /aluminumsilver

    Molten copper / silver silver /silver precious metal

    SDRJ -15KW Brass  melting Furnace



    3KG , 5KG , 10KG

    SDRJ -25KW Brass  melting Furnace




    SDRJ -35KW Brass  melting Furnace




    SDRJ -45KW Brass  melting Furnace




    SDRJ -70KW Brass  melting Furnace




    SDRJ -90KW Brass  melting Furnace




    SDRJ -110KW Brass  melting Furnace




    SDRJ -160KW Brass  melting Furnace




    SDRJ -200KW Brass  melting Furnace




    SDRJ -300KW Brass  melting Furnace




    SDRJ -400KW Brass  melting Furnace





    6, how to use brass melting furnace brass?

    Brass is easier to smelt and has a lower melting point.

    Mainly because the zinc in the alloy deoxidizes the melt, the evaporation and boiling of zinc can get out of the hydrogen of the melt, so in the process of melting the brass, a complicated refining process is generally not required. Production practice shows that the principle of ^ low temperature plus zinc  ̄ and ^block by piece plus zinc  ̄ is adhered to when smelting brass, which can reduce the zinc melt loss while ensuring safe production.

    Seven, brass and zinc melting furnace other than the increase in weight may also be added to increase what it?

    A small amount of arsenic As can be added , the reference amount is 0.1~0.15% (mainly according to the chemical composition requirements of the grade), and a trace amount of borax can also be added at the same time, and the boron content is 0.01~0.04% of the weight of the alloy . Further control the melting temperature, typically brass melting temperature does not exceed 1100 ≧. The above is for reference.

    8. What is the role of adding a phosphorus-copper alloy to a Brass  melting Furnace ?

    The role of smelting zinc brass in the addition of phosphor bronze alloy is to increase the fluidity of the copper alloy. According to the casting experience of Rongchang sliding bearing, the copper alloy has a good fluidity after the addition of phosphor bronze, so the pores and sand holes will be less when casting. If centrifugal casting is used, the copper alloy material is better, and can produce various grades of bronze, SAE660 , SAE64 , SAE793CUAL9FE4 , CUAL10FE3, CUZN24AL6, and CUSN12.

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