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    product description


    1 , the main purpose of 0.25T parallel intermediate frequency furnace

    0.25T parallel IF melting furnace is mainly applied to steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloys, having a high melting efficiency, energy-saving effect, a uniform metal composition, burning small, quick temperature rise, easy temperature control and so, for various metal melt.


    2 , 0.25T parallel intermediate frequency furnace consists of:

    Parallel Power 200kw IF - aluminum furnace body shell - hydraulic station - remote control box ZXZ- 20T closed loop cooling tower.

    3 , 0.25T parallel intermediate frequency furnace price

    The price of the 0.25T parallel intermediate frequency furnace is calculated according to the power of the intermediate frequency power supply and the volume of the furnace body. Different configuration prices vary. This price is for reference only. Contact us will have a very low price, please consult the specific price.   

    Device name

    Total price (yuan)

    0.25T parallel intermediate frequency furnace

     70800 Yuan


    0.25T parallel intermediate frequency furnace configuration

    Item name

    Specification model

    200kw parallel intermediate frequency power supply

    KGPS- 200kw / 0.25T

    Aluminum furnace shell

    GW- 0.25T

    Water cooled cable

    LHSD- 240 square

    Remote control box

    H T -YK

    4 , 0.25T parallel intermediate frequency furnace power supply , tonnage , power consumption selection method .

    SDBL -250 kw

    Aluminum shell body

    Equipment rated power


    Phase voltage

    3* 380V

    Electric furnace rated voltage

    750 V

    Melting rate

    About 0.25T / H

    Rated Capacity


    Rated temperature

    1700 C

    Parallel intermediate frequency power supply

    3- phase 6- pulse rectification

    Power factor

    0.9 2

    Tilting method:


    With power supply specifications

    KGPS-1/ 200kw

    Compensation capacitor cabinet



    Aluminum shell furnace



    Water cooled cable




    5 , 0.25T parallel intermediate frequency furnace circuit diagram :



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