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    product description



    The special melting furnace for 50kg metal powder atomization belongs to a new type of professional furnace. The unique hydraulic tilting rod linkage mechanism can always pour the metal solution into the receiving port with small diameter during the whole process of melting out the molten metal. It is a water (gas) atomization process to produce metal powder and similar professional equipment .

    Basic configuration: a station steel hydraulic pointing casting furnace body, 10 0kw parallel inverter power one , a medium frequency power source, a set of capacitors cabinet , power supply structure 3 phase 6 pulse Parallel inverter structure .


    Indicator requirements


    Fixed-point casting melting furnace

    Rated Capacity


    Operating temperature

    1 2 00 < C

    Smelting material

    iron alloy

    Tilting method


    Working noise

    <85 decibels

    Melting rate

    80kg / h

    Release temperature

    1 20 0 <C \20 <C

    Melting power consumption

    + 620 \5% kW.h/t ( 1700<C )

    Melting time

    30 minutes / furnace

    Power supply

    100 kw

    Number of rectifiers

    6 veins


    SCR parallel inverter

    Rated frequency             

    6 0 0 Hz -2000Hz

    Line voltage

    380 V

    IF voltage 

    1500 V

    Start success rate    


    Power factor

    0.9 2

    Inductor copper tube specifications

    2 0 〜 2 0〜 2

    Sensor number


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