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    product description


    1 Overview: Metal casting furnaces include molten copper equipment, molten zinc equipment, aluminum melting equipment, and molten steel equipment are medium frequency induction melting furnaces.

    2, metal casting furnace selection summary

    Specifications / Model

    Fused steel /iron

    Aluminum /aluminum alloy

    Copper / gold silver /precious metal

    SDRJ -15KW metal casting furnace


    1 KG

    3KG , 5KG , 10KG

    SDRJ -25KW metal casting furnace


    2 KG


    SDRJ -35KW metal casting furnace


    3 KG


    SDRJ -45KW metal casting furnace


    6 KG


    SDRJ -70KW metal casting furnace


    8 KG


    SDRJ -90KW metal casting furnace


    10 KG


    SDRJ -110KW metal casting furnace


    15 KG


    SDRJ -160KW metal casting furnace


    30 KG


    SDRJ -200KW metal casting furnace


    50 KG


    SDRJ -300KW metal casting furnace


    6 0KG


    SDRJ -400KW metal casting furnace


    80 KG


    SDRJ - 5 00KW metal casting furnace

    500 KG

    15 0KG

    800 KG

    SDRJ - 10 00KW metal casting furnace

    1000 KG

    3 00KG

    1000 KG

    SDRJ - 2000 KW metal casting furnace

    3000 KG

    10 00KG

    300 0KG

    SDRJ - 2500 KW metal casting furnace

    5000 KG

    30 00KG

    5000 KG



    3, what are the uses of metal casting furnaces ?

    IF furnace is mainly used metal casting molten copper, molten zinc, molten aluminum, the molten steel is melted and raised temperature.

    Fourth, what are the structural characteristics of metal casting furnaces ?

    1. Small size, light weight, high efficiency and low power consumption;

    2 , low ambient temperature, less smoke, good working environment;

    3 , the operation process is simple, and the melting operation is reliable;

    4 , uniform heating temperature, less burning, and uniform metal composition;

    5 , the casting quality is good, the melting temperature is fast, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the production efficiency is high;

    6 , high availability, easy to change varieties.

    5. What are the characteristics of the metal casting furnace structure ?

    1. The whole set of metal casting furnace equipment includes medium frequency power supply cabinet, compensation capacitor, furnace body (two) and water-cooled cable and reducer.

    2 consists of four metal casting furnace body portion of the furnace shell, an induction coil, furnace lining, the furnace tilting gearbox and other components

    3. The furnace shell is made of non-magnetic material, and the induction coil is a spiral cylinder made of a rectangular hollow tube, and the cooling water is passed through the tube when it is melted .

    4. The coil leads out the copper row and communicates with the water-cooled cable. The furnace lining is close to the induction coil and is sintered by quartz sand. The tilting of the furnace body is directly rotated by the tilting gear box. The tilting gearbox is a two-stage turbine shifting gear with good self-locking performance, stable and reliable rotation, and avoids danger when emergency power is cut off.

    6, the selection method of metal casting furnace lining

    Graphite crucibles are generally used for melting: metals such as copper, aluminum, silver, and gold;

    Magnesia is generally used for melting: iron, stainless steel, and metals with higher melting points.

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