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    product description



        The drill pipe intermediate frequency quenching equipment designed and manufactured by our company has the following performance advantages compared with similar products produced by other manufacturers :

    1) Multi-stage continuous heating mode, using multiple power supply multi-point control, heating zone controllable. Real-time temperature closed-loop control can be realized to achieve temperature control accuracy. The back-end power supply can compensate for the uneven temperature of the single high-power power supply to the temperature of the drill collar, thus ensuring temperature uniformity. 

    2) The control system can track the parameters of each workpiece during the quenching and tempering process and record and store it. 

    3) The heating temperature is controllable and the adjustment is flexible, so that the temperature at which the drill collar is heated can be freely adjusted according to the process. 

    4) The transmission line has stable transmission, adjustable speed, uniform heating of the workpiece, and small deformation of the workpiece after heating. 

    5) The sensor is easy to assemble and disassemble, adjustable up and down and left and right. 

    6) The perfect internal sprinkler system can speed up the cooling of the inner bore and improve the quenching quality. Make the inner and outer hardened layers uniform and prevent the inner holes from entering the water. 

    7) The equipment has the advantages of high automation, low failure rate, complete safety protection facilities, low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and ordinary operators can do the job. 

    Heat treatment process parameters:

       Quenching temperature: 850 C 950 C , the overall quenching temperature difference  5 C (axial surface temperature difference must meet the mechanical performance requirements) 

       Tempering temperature: 550 C 650 C , the overall tempering temperature difference  5 C (axial surface temperature difference must meet the mechanical performance requirements) 

    Quenching tempering heating temperature guarantee

     It adopts multiple power supply control, the temperature rising mode is gradient heating, and an independent heat preservation section is added to make the whole heating process warm up smoothly and avoid local over-burning. Make sure that the core gauge temperature is within the process requirements.

     The third power supply is set up with independent temperature closed-loop control to ensure that the final discharge end discharge temperature is within the heat treatment process.

     The power of each power supply and the temperature of the sensor heating workpiece can be adjusted. Make sure that the workpiece can be adjusted in time according to the material, so that the heating temperature of the workpiece can be adjusted flexibly.

       Equipment composition: storage rack  feeding system  feed conveying system  intermediate frequency power cabinet (three sets)  heating sensor (five sets)  control system  temperature measuring system  heating zone conveying roller road  outside sprinkler system  Inner sprinkler system  inner spray trolley  discharge transfer roller  discharge system and storage rack  cooling water  hydraulic system.

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