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    product description


    , equipment overview 

    The medium-frequency quenching equipment of steel pipe adopts roller transmission for medium frequency quenching, including roller conveyor line, medium frequency heating, incubator and adjusting device, temperature measuring device, automatic temperature control system, quenching cooling system and electrical control system.

    The workpiece is placed on the transmission line by hand, and the roller is driven by the rod motor.

    The transmission line feeds the oil pipes of different specifications into the inductor at a uniform working speed, and the working speed can be realized by frequency conversion.

    Inductor and adjustment device, the inlet and the inner wall of the sensor have a protection plate and the inlet has a guiding function. The relative position of the sensor and the workpiece can be adjusted to ensure that the center of the workpiece is concentric with the sensor. The inside of the sensor is made of a slotted stainless steel protection device. Prevent damage to the furnace lining after the workpiece is heated and deformed.


    , temperature measuring device and automatic temperature control system, with automatic temperature and power control system, and can display online. 

    Temperature measurement range: quenching temperature measurement 500-1400 C, air cooling temperature measurement 300-800 C.

    Temperature measurement accuracy:  0.1%  1 C of the measured value

    Response time: less than 5 milliseconds

    Quenching and cooling system, the quenching method adopts external spraying method, and is provided with quenching liquid collecting box, motor and water pump, quenching liquid conveying pipeline, electrical control device, quenching and PLC control, which can be operated automatically or manually.

    Power supply, insulation, air cooling, quenching, to meet the requirements of use.

    , device data description 

    A, workpiece parameters :

    Specification : It can handle steel pipes of 7m length. The diameter of steel pipes ranges from  25 mm -  90 mm . A wall thickness in the range 2.0mm - 6.0mm .

    Typical workpiece:  33*3.18 ,  31.75*3.18 ,  38.1*3.18 ,  50*3.18 ,

    The speed of the roller: the range is 0m/min  15m/min . The transmission system must ensure that the pipe body runs in a straight line without shaking.

    B, the process :

    Steel pipe transmission - heating -    insulation - air cooling - quenching

    , technical requirements:

    It is necessary to heat the steel pipe body as a whole, and the heating temperature is up to 1000 C.

    The output power of the intermediate frequency heating device is automatically adjusted according to the specifications of the steel pipe and the conveying speed of the steel pipe.

    Temperature measuring equipment: It can measure the temperature of the tube in the medium frequency furnace, the temperature can be displayed in real time, and there is a real-time temperature curve. According to the temperature displayed by the temperature measuring device, the heating temperature is adjusted to achieve closed-loop control.

    Temperature regulation equipment (precision adjustment power equipment): Through the precise adjustment of the power of the intermediate frequency furnace (manual or automatic), the precise adjustment of the heat treatment temperature is achieved. The power level adjustment should be able to achieve an accuracy level of  5 C for the heating temperature of the tubes in the intermediate frequency furnace .

    Insulation box: After the tube comes out of the intermediate frequency furnace, it directly enters the incubator. The incubator is open, the tube is fed from one end and exits from the other, through which the tube can be insulated online. The incubator is 3m long and is divided into six separate sections. Each segment can be switched on its own, and the heat preservation box can be used depending on the situation.

    Each section of the incubator is equipped with a thermocouple temperature measuring device, which can measure the ambient temperature inside the incubator at any time. The temperature of the incubator is adjustable and the incubator temperature is up to 950 C. (The thermocouple is installed in each incubator)

    Quenching equipment. The quenching equipment is 4m long . It is water cooled for spraying. It can be switched within the range of two meters at the discharge end. After the tube comes out of the incubator and reaches a certain temperature, the tube is sent to the water-cooling equipment at a constant speed by the conveying device.

    , IF power parameters :

    . 4 .1   Power: The exchange with you, and the heating requirements of your side, we selected frequency power supply portion of the power of 300KW . Frequency: Reference frequency 600 0Hz

    4.2   Line voltage: AC 380 V  10 % Three-phase unbalance  5% ; transformer capacity  375KVA

    4.3   Harmonic parameters:

    When the rated power output of the whole set is running , the harmonic components are in compliance with the national standard GB/ T 14549-93 .

    4.4 . Sensor grouping: According to the detailed calculation of our technicians, the sensor is divided into three groups.

      GTR90 is               suitable for  90-  60

      GTR60 is               suitable for  60-  40

      GTR40 is               suitable for  40-  25

    4.5 Cooling cycle: Closed cooling tower, this equipment can meet all the cooling of the intermediate frequency heating part, you do not need to dig the pool and other civil works.

    , the work process

        Manually put the steel pipe on the transmission stick, transfer the steel pipe to the feeding mechanism, and the feeding mechanism is composed of the upper and lower rollers. The workpiece is transferred to the medium frequency induction furnace for heating according to the working cycle by frequency conversion. After the temperature is reached, the workpiece is continuously transferred to the incubator for heat preservation by the transmission stick. After the temperature is uniform, the workpiece is pulled to the cooling station for cooling, and after cooling to the required temperature, the workpiece is transferred to the quenching cooling device for the steel pipe. Quenching.

    , mechanical equipment description

    1 Composition table below mechanical equipment

    2 Basic data of mechanical equipment (this data should ultimately be determined according to your actual situation)



    Roller conveying mechanism (including motor, reducer and bracket)


    Roller conveying mechanism (including motor, reducer and bracket)


      Sensor and adjustment bracket


    Holding furnace


    Air cooled roller and bracket


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