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    product description


    Overview: The intermediate frequency induction furnace is also known as the intermediate frequency furnace . It is a power supply device that converts the industrial frequency 50HZ alternating current into the intermediate frequency ( 300HZ or higher to 1000HZ ). The three-phase power frequency alternating current is rectified and turned into direct current. Then, the direct current is changed into an adjustable intermediate frequency current, and the intermediate frequency alternating current flowing through the capacitor and the induction coil is supplied to generate a high-density magnetic line in the induction coil , and the metal material contained in the induction coil is cut in the metal material. A large eddy current is generated. Widely used non-ferrous and ferrous metal melt. Compared to other casting apparatus, medium frequency induction furnace having a high thermal efficiency, short melting times, less burning of alloying elements, wide melt material, on environmental pollution, can accurately control the temperature and composition of the molten metal and the like.

    A good way to quickly select the " intermediate frequency furnace "

    1 、 Selection of intermediate frequency furnace transformer capacity

    The value of the transformer capacity = the value of the power supply of the intermediate frequency furnace x 1.2

    Transformer rectifier transformer to reduce the harmonic interference, possible special plane, i.e., a furnace disposed intermediate frequency of a rectifier transformer.

    2 , the selection of the intermediate frequency furnace incoming line voltage

    For the intermediate frequency power supply for medium frequency furnaces below 1000KW , three-phase five-wire 380V and 50HZ industrial power are generally used . For medium frequency furnaces above 1000KW , the focus is on using 660V incoming voltage .

    3 , according to the capacity requirements to determine the selection of large tonnage of the intermediate frequency furnace.

    Liquid iron in a weight of each working day and the weight required for a single piece, may determine the capacity of the furnace IF furnace.

    4 , the choice of furnace structure

    The melting furnace for the aluminum alloy structure with the reducer as the tilting furnace is commonly known as the aluminum shell furnace. The induction melting furnace of the steel structure with the hydraulic cylinder as the tilting furnace is commonly called the steel shell furnace. The steel shell furnace is asteel structure , and the aluminum shell furnace shell material is an aluminum alloy .

    5 , medium frequency furnace temperature control method

    Generally use red ultraviolet thermometer + closed loop PID control to automatically adjust power and control temperature

    The price of the intermediate frequency furnace :


    Rated Capacity

    rated power

    Price  (yuan)



    One electric furnace

    GWR -250



    Total:  70,500

    GWR -400



    Total:  148800

    GWR- 500



    Total:  1 6 8800

    GWR -700



    Total:  221,000

    GWR -1000



    Total:  2 30 000

    GWR- 1500



    Total:  361500

    GWR -2000



    Total:  447,000

    GWR -3000



    Total:  643000 Yuan

    GWR -4000



    Total:  7 43000 Yuan

    GWR -4500



    Total:  8 43000 Yuan

    The intermediate frequency furnace is mainly composed of four parts :

    1, the power supply and electrical components: power supply apparatus includes a high voltage or low voltage switchgear, wherein there are frequency power supply control circuit chip motherboard i.e., three-phase power rectifier (SCR 6 by the rectified AC power into DC), an inverter section (4 a the SCR or 8 converts the DC voltage into a frequency of about 1000HZ IF) output by the electric capacitance. Power conversion switch, compensation capacitor and intermediate frequency control cabinet (furnace distribution console), etc., the electrical part of the large intermediate frequency furnace also includes the leaking furnace alarm system.  

    2 , the furnace body part: the furnace body includes the furnace cover, the sensor, the crucible, the furnace body bracket and the like.

    3. Transmission: The transmission includes the movement of the furnace cover and mechanical or hydraulic devices such as tilting and resetting of the furnace body.

    4 , water cooling system: water cooling parts are: intermediate frequency power supply, sensors, capacitors and busbars, flexible cables. In order to save water, a method of circulating cooling is usually employed. The cooling water circulation system includes a water pump, a cooling tower, a water tank, and the like.


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