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    product description


    0.75t series induction melting furnace

    Energy-saving high-speed steel melting 0.75t series induction melting furnace system, 0.75t series induction melting furnace for the production of steel, cast iron, and by a set of 400KW-500KW frequency power supply and a steel 0.75t coreless induction melting furnace And the auxiliary equipment required for the normal operation of the system.

    1 induction melting furnace operating modes: 

    1.1 A set of furnace body melting production, single furnace melting power 400KW-500KW intermediate frequency power supply 

    2 The main process parameters of the equipment: 

    2.1 Main process parameters of 0.75t series induction melting furnace 


    Serial number



    Main parameters of 0.75t series induction melting furnace


    Transformer rated power



    Line voltage 

    380V ± 5% 


    Power rated power

    ≥400KW (a set of power supply system, power position arbitrary distribution)


    IF frequency



    Melting temperature

    1600 ℃


    Rated Capacity



    zui large capacity



    Rectification and inverter

    6-pulse rectifier or 12-pulse rectifier series inverter  


    Melting rate (chemical molten steel)

    0.75t / h


    Melting power consumption (hot furnace, molten steel)

    550KW.h / t ± 5% (1600 ℃)


    Melting power consumption (hot furnace, hot metal)

    525KW.h / t ± 5% (1500 ℃)


    Power factor



    Power supply form

    Single power supply


    Furnace type

    One for one, one set of rectifier, one inverter cabinet, one furnace body





    Startup success rate


    2.2 Quoted price of 0.75t series induction melting furnace   

    Scope of supply and quotation for a set of 0.75 ton intermediate frequency induction furnace

    Order No. 

    Name called     

    Model and remarks  




    Intermediate frequency power supply (1 set of rectifier cabinet)

    (1 set of inverter cabinet)

    Single design power 400KW 

    1 set



    Resonant capacitor bank

    Included in the inverter cabinet

    1 set



    Leakage alarm device (optional)


    1 set



    Furnace steel shell (including: oil cylinder, iron core, bracket, induction coil, etc. ) 

    0.75T melting furnace body

    1 set



    Crucible mold 





    Water-cooled cable

    Water-cooled cable side outlet 

    1 set



    Hydraulic station system 


    1 set



    Tilting table


    1 set




    Compared with the parallel induction melting furnace , the series induction melting furnace has the following advantages

    1. The thyristor parallel line is a parallel induction melting furnace . During the melting process, especially for melting aluminum, copper and other materials, the load is very light, and its power output is very small. Slow speed and difficult heating. The thyristor series induction melting furnace adjusts the power by frequency modulation, so it is relatively less affected by the nature of the load. The entire melting process maintains almost constant power output. Because it is series resonance, that is, voltage resonance, the induction coil voltage is high and the current is small Therefore, the power loss is small.

    2. Because it is a series inverter circuit, the power factor is high, and the harmonics are small, so there is no need to install a reactive power compensation device. This can save users a lot of expenses, and is also strongly promoted by the power supply department.

    3. When the series inverter induction melting furnace works, the rectification always works in the fully-on state. Changing the output power of the inverter circuit is achieved by controlling the inverter trigger pulse frequency. And the load current is a sine wave, so the series inverter power supply will not seriously pollute the power grid with high harmonics, and the power factor is high. The parallel inverter cannot realize one-to-two automatic power adjustment operation, because the parallel inverter power adjustment can only be achieved by adjusting the output voltage of the rectifier bridge. When the parallel inverter rectifier bridge works at low voltage, the rectification conduction angle is small In the state, the power factor of the equipment will be very low, and the parallel inverter load current is a square wave, which will seriously pollute the power grid. If the power is adjusted by adjusting the reverse pressure angle of the inverter, the range of power adjustment is very narrow, so parallel inverter power cannot achieve one-to-two operation.

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