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    product description


    Intelligent control 5 tons induction melting furnace
    Function description:
    Description of Intelligent Control System
    The intelligent control system can centrally control the induction melting furnace and mechanical devices. It is placed on the production site, which is conducive to the control of the entire heating process. On this basis, it is equipped with a temperature measuring device and a PLC programming module, which can realize the power control of the intermediate frequency power supply according to the temperature of the melt.
    1. Intelligent control of intermediate frequency power supply:
    The panel of the power cabinet is equipped with an intermediate frequency voltmeter, a power adjustment button, and an indicator light for water pressure and general fault alarms. Realize the control of starting, adjusting and shutting down the intermediate frequency power supply. The main operating parameters of the intermediate frequency power supply can be displayed. At the same time, short circuit, overload, over voltage, over temperature, phase loss, and over frequency protection faults that occur during the heating process can be displayed.
    n Monitoring of temperature measurement:
    A contact temperature measurement display instrument is installed on the operation panel. With sound and light alarm indicator.
    n Composition of automatic control components:
    u All control units are controlled by PLC controller.
    u Real-time collection, recording, and storage of process-controlled data and have corresponding classification retrieval, query, and printing functions.
    u Real-time detection of the effect of process control; during the operation of the equipment, real-time analysis and monitoring of the follow-up status of the diagnostic equipment, prompting of various abnormal situations in Chinese characters, and sound and light alarms.
    n Touch screen: The touch screen is used to set the working parameters of each part, and can realize the control of working mode, induced current parameters, induced current parameters, cooling water and other parameters or systems.
    n PLC control system: PLC adopts the S7-300 system product of German Siemens, which is used to control various actions of the production line.
    2. PID temperature closed-loop intelligent control
    Adopt international advanced PID temperature closed-loop control system, temperature measurement, temperature accuracy ¡À25¡æ.
    The working process of the automatic control system
    n Choice of control method:
    The control mode of the equipment is divided into two working modes: "automatic" and "manual control". The switching of the two working modes is selected by the working mode selection switch on the console. Under the default conditions, the system is set to be in the "manual control" position.
    n PID temperature closed loop control:
    After the system enters the selection of "automatic" control mode, it will automatically enter the automatic man-machine interface. After entering this interface, you can enter the corresponding production data (required melt temperature). The input of production data can be directly entered in the data box of the interface. After the data is input, you can click the automatic control start button; after entering the automatic control state,
    3. The PLC smelting management system and monitoring system can have the following functions:
    The smelting shop control and management system is a PLC-based technology. Songdao takes the functions of the SD Smelting management system2018 control system one step forward. The system is designed around Industrial Ethernet. With this tool, the electric furnace operator can accurately control and monitor the entire smelting process from feeding to smelting to tapping. In addition to the embedded microprocessor control, the smelting shop control and management system provides operators with smelting control mode and diagnosis, analysis and support for all functions of the control system, it also has the following advantages: Direct access to system data: for the smelting shop supervisor Provide various data required for operation monitoring, evaluation and planning of the smelting plant with management personnel.
    4. Automatic smelting control system with weighing
    Melting control management system: The temperature-based control system can calculate to the specified temperature, and then use the heat preservation power to reduce energy consumption and avoid overheating. The control system also provides automatic sintering and cold start functions.
    The automatic melting control system with weighing can accurately and reliably weigh the weight of molten iron, and can set the storage and recall of melting characteristic curves of different materials. The temperature that needs to be melted can be set. The melting management system can calculate the amount of electricity required to reach the target temperature based on the target temperature and the weight of the charge. The system can automatically melt according to the output of the best quality power ratio.
    Simple and easy to use: The system has a simple and easy-to-use intuitive screen and excellent industrial hardware, which is very easy to master and maintain. The graphical display of the operating data helps to understand the information more clearly and easily.
    1) Complete melting control management functions, automatic fault diagnosis, automatic lining sintering and other functions.
    2) Complete melting process control function and complete monitoring, alarm and fault self-diagnosis functions. It has perfect sound and light alarm. And give an alarm for the following conditions, feedback various faults.
    ¡öThe temperature of power supply cooling water is too high
    ¡öPower cooling water pressure is too low
    ¡öThe temperature of the furnace cooling water is too high
    ¡öThe pressure of the furnace cooling water is too low
    ¡öThe rectifier part of the variable frequency power supply has no DC output
    3) In addition to the protection system, the PLC melting management system sets the following limits for display
    ¡öInverter work
    ¡öFull power limit
    ¡öCapacitor voltage limit
    ¡öInduction coil voltage limit
    ¡öOutput current limit
    ¡öFrequency limit
    ¡öGrid input current limit
    4) The PLC melting management system requires complete melting and heat preservation process control, and its main functions include
    ¡öContinuously monitor and display various parameters
    ¡öDisplay the operating status of the system
    ¡öAutomatic sintering furnace lining
    ¡öCold furnace start
    5) Monitoring software system function
    The on-site industrial control touch screen can display various process data and parameters through various process screens. The control software adopts the real-time exchange method, and sends the data address to be queried to the processor through the communication network, and reflects the data in the screen in time.
    The system operator can easily control the equipment by operating the workstation:
    ¡ïStart the device
    ¡ïTurn off the device
    ¡ïEmergency shutdown
    ¡ïAlarm reset

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