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    product description


    Round steel induction heating furnace for forging

    1. Overview of round steel induction heating furnace for forging:

    1.1. Workpiece technical parameters and technical requirements

    Workpiece material: round steel.

    Burning material diameter: Φ120mm.

    Workpiece length: 80mm-150mm

    Heating weight: 7kg-13.5kg (estimated)

    Heating temperature: 11501200≧

    Heating efficiency: 1100KG/hour

    1.2. Power selection and heating beat algorithm of round steel induction heating furnace for forging

    The power of the round steel induction heating furnace for forging is generally calculated according to the following formula:

    P =(C〜G〜(T2T1))/0.24〜t〜η

    In the formula: P!!power supply (unit: KW)

          t!!heating beat (unit: second)

          G!!Heating weight during heating beat (unit: kg)

          T2!!heating temperature (unit: ≧)

          T1!!Initial temperature (ambient temperature) (unit: ≧)

          C!!Specific heat of heated metal (unit: kcal/kg,≧)

          For carbon steel, C=0.168 kcal/kg,≧

           η!!heating efficiency: (0.50.7)

    According to the above formula, the above table is calculated. For different weights and different beats, the power supply is calculated.

    1.3 Selection of power supply frequency for round steel induction heating furnace for forging:

    The selection of power frequency follows the principle of optimal heating efficiency and temperature uniformity (core-surface temperature difference). The higher the frequency, the higher the heating efficiency, but too high a frequency will easily cause the surface of the workpiece to burn. According to our experience, choose the frequency 2500KHZ , Can get the best heating effect, and will not cause over-burning of the workpiece.

    1.4 Inductor manufacturing process:

    The ratio of the inner diameter of the inductor coil to the outer diameter of the blank is within a reasonable range and is designed according to the process parameters provided by the user. The inductor coil is made of a large cross-section T2 rectangular copper tube after annealing treatment, winding, pickling, water pressure test, baking, mica tape, glass ribbon double insulation, drying, knotting, assembly and other major processes, and then fixed to As a whole, the whole sensor becomes a rectangular parallelepiped after the production is completed, and its vibration resistance and integrity are good.

    The two ends of the sensor are protected by water-cooled furnace mouth copper plates, which can effectively prevent electromagnetic radiation from causing harm to the operator.

    Inductor inner diameter size: The inner diameter of the copper coil of the inductor needs to be lined to protect the copper coil of the inductor. It is the inner diameter of the coil that determines the heating efficiency. The general design specification is: Workpiece + 50 = coil inner diameter, and the furnace lining needs to have sufficient strength, without cracking or deformation during heating, and there must be enough clearance between the furnace lining inner diameter and the blank diameter to ensure that the blank can pass smoothly without touching the furnace lining At the same time, the billet change and the phenomenon that the billet bulges and contacts the furnace lining and wears the furnace lining due to the irregularity of the end face of the billet should also be considered. Therefore, when the inner diameter of the coil is constant and the strength of the furnace lining is ensured, the larger the inner diameter of the furnace lining is, the more beneficial it is to the workpiece.

    The furnace lining of the inductor: a more practical segmented integral casting knotting process is adopted. At the same time, the center knotting method is generally used when knotting the lining to improve the pressure resistance when the blank enters, thereby increasing the service life of the lining. At the same time, such a knotting process makes the billet in the middle of the inductor, which is beneficial to the uniform heating temperature of the billet, and is more in line with the principle of proximity effect in the three effects of electromagnetic induction.

    In the theoretical design, the temperature difference between the core and the surface of the workpiece is considered as 10≧, but after the workpiece is released from the furnace, it will take a while to be transferred to the forging position. The workpiece can reduce the temperature difference between the core and the surface by its own heat conduction effect.

    2. Product implementation standards:

       1. JB/T4086-85 "Technical Conditions of Electric Control Equipment for Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating"

       2.GB/T10067.3-2005 "Basic Technical Conditions of Electric Heating Equipment,Induction Electric Heating Equipment"

       3.GB/T10063.3-88 "Test methods for electric heating equipment"

       4.GB/T5959.3-88 "Safety of Electric Heating Equipment"

    3. The composition of the complete set of equipment:

       1. KGPS400KW/2500Hz power supply (series circuit) 1 set

       2. Furnace frame (including capacitor bank, water circuit, circuit, gas circuit) 1 set

       3. Sensor: GTRØ120 x1500 1 set

       4. Connect wire/copper bar (power supply to furnace body) 1 pair

       5. 1 set of closed cooling tower

      4. Working process of equipment mechanical system:

       Manually place the material on the conveyor belt ★ electric transmission push material ★ heating in the furnace ★ discharge ★ forging machinery

    5. Technical scheme of round steel induction heating furnace for forging:

    1. Electrical part:

    (1) Main technical indicators of intermediate frequency power supply:

            Power supply model: KGPS400KW/2500Hz

            Input voltage: 380V (50Hz)

            Input current: 800A

            Output voltage: 750V

            Output power: 400KW

            Rated frequency: 2500Hz

    (2) Basic principle and control system of intermediate frequency power supply:

      The basic principle of intermediate frequency power supply is to convert 50Hz three-phase power frequency alternating current into direct current through a three-phase bridge rectifier circuit, and then filter it through a reactor, and finally invert the direct current into a single-phase intermediate frequency current supply by the inverter. Load, so this device is actually an AC-DC-AC converter; the load is a resonant circuit composed of an induction coil and a compensation capacitor.

    2. Mechanical part

         The mechanical part is composed of: the furnace frame, the feeding mechanism, the discharging mechanism, etc. The action setting and heating cycle are completed by the relay.

    (1) Feeding mechanism

        The feeding stroke is controlled by a relay, and the discharging port is equipped with a chain quick discharging mechanism to prevent the material from colliding with the outlet end of the furnace body.

     (2) Stove

    It is a steel welded component, which contains water circuit, circuit, gas circuit components, etc. Above is the sensor.

    6. User-supplied items

       1. One three-phase incoming 380V〜3-50Hz 500kvar transformer

       2. Basic civil engineering: implement according to the supplier's basic drawings

       3. Cooling circulating water: 0.2-0.3mpa water pressure, inlet and return water pressure difference greater than 0.18mpa, water flow 60 m3/h, inlet water 5-30<C, outlet water temperature less than 55<C, circulating pool, 100m3 without cooling tower Pool. It is recommended that customers choose plate heat exchangers, because the soft water is in a closed circulation system, and there is no impurity entry and blockage.

    induction heating furnace prices:

    Serial number


    Specification Model


    Brief introduction

    Price ¥ (yuan)

    Electrical parts

    3- phase 6- pulse intermediate frequency power supply cabinet

    KGPS-400KW / 2500 Hz power cabinet units.





    Rectifier SCR

    KP 8 00A/1 6 00V


    Xiangfan station base parameter consistency is good

    Inverter SCR

    KK 8 00A/1600V


    Xiangfan station base parameter consistency is good

    Power copper bar

    50x6 galvanized copper bar


    Anti-oxidation, low conductivity.

    Induction heating furnace body

    120 mm *1500



    T2 oxygen-free copper pipe winding wall thickness 3mm/ closing surface of copper plate //304 stainless steel quick-change joint.


    2. Resonant capacitor cabinet

    Water circuit, resonant capacitor




    3 . Installation Materials

    Water-cooled copper pipes and steel clamps for water pipes


    Connection between power supply and capacitor cabinet


    5. Closed cooling tower

    3 0 Dun


    Soft water cooling, automatic control.


    6. Random information

    Product drawings and instructions


    Operating procedures and instructions


    Total (ten thousand yuan)

    Including tax, shipping, including instruction installation fee, training fee Free warranty within one year of normal use

    Total: ¥ 240000 Yuan







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