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    Electric furnace technical information

    At present, most of the materials used in the induction melting furnace are recirculating materials, waste miscellaneous materials, high proportion of oil and oxide in the waste, and the smelting process of the induction melting electric furnace is different from that of electric arc steel making furnace, converter and open hearth furnace. It produces a large amount of flue gas and high concentration of dust by chemical reaction between molten iron oxidation slag.

    Scrap contains materials such as dust, oxide particles, residual oil, and so on, which rise and burst with hot air flow and bubbles produced by molten steel during melting, and in the process of electromagnetic stirring and liquid steel dumping. A large amount of flue gas is emitted from residual oil and oxide in scrap steel, and the dust concentration and smoke exhaust temperature are very high.

    In addition, the emission of flue gas, dust and other small particles such as iron oxide, manganese oxide, silica dust and other oxides are also changing.

    There are many reasons for smoke and dust in medium frequency induction furnace. The main influencing factors are the composition of charge, quality and metallurgical process.

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