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    Electric furnace repair

    Inspection and repair of induction melting furnace components

    First, how to identify the quality of the induction melting furnace diode?

    Because the crystal diode is a single-conducting component, the difference between the measured forward resistance and the reverse resistance is as large as possible. If the phase difference is not large, the diode performance is not good or damaged; if the needle does not move, the diode is broken. Line; if the resistance is 0, it means that the electrodes are shorted.

    Second, how to judge the quality of the induction melting furnace triode?

        Mainly measure the resistance between the poles to judge the quality of the PN junction. Use the multimeter R100 file to measure the forward resistance of the emitter and the collector. If the measured low resistance values indicate that the tube quality is good; The resistance of the resistor is very large or the reverse resistance is very small, indicating that the tube is damaged.

    Third, how to easily measure the induction melting furnace thyristor?

    The thyristor has an anode, a cathode and a control electrode. The measuring time is measured by a multimeter R1000 file to measure the positive and negative resistance of the anode and the cathode. The needle should be kept stationary, and the control electrode and the cathode are a PN junction, so the judgment diode can be used. The way to measure.

    Fourth, how to use a multimeter to detect the quality of induction melting furnace capacitors?

    Use the principle of charge and discharge of capacitors. The method is to switch the multimeter switch to the resistance file R1000, and the watch rod is connected to the capacitor. This is the left and right swing of the hands. The larger the swing, the larger the electric capacity, sometimes it will swing to near zero value, and slowly return to stay. In one position, the resistance of the stay point is the leakage resistance of this capacitor. To judge whether the capacitor is good or bad is to look at the magnitude of this resistor. The larger the resistance, the better, and it is best to be infinite. If the capacitor pin is not connected, it means that the capacitor is disconnected; if the capacitor pin is swung to 0, it will not be retracted, indicating that the capacitor has broken down.


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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan