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    Electric furnace repair

    Induction melting furnace installation and commissioning operation steps


        Before the induction melting furnace is installed, it is necessary to check the components of all the complete sets of equipment, the main components of the furnace, whether the installation materials are in good condition, and check their condition. Some parts and defects caused by improper storage should be repaired so that all equipment, components, and corresponding materials and parts are intact, to ensure smooth installation and commissioning.

    get on.

        In addition, inspection and acceptance of various civil facilities related to furnace equipment, such as checking the main layout

    Is the size correct; check the basics, trenches and embedded parts required for the installation of various electrical equipment and main busbars.

    Requirements, whether the furnace foundation, platform elevation, vertical axis and horizontal axis deviation, anchor screw position, etc. are within the specified size range Within; check whether the construction quality of the foundation and platform meets the requirements. Only after the above preparations are completed can the

    Installation and commissioning of the furnace.

    Installation and commissioning of furnaces and electrical equipment

        1. Induction melting furnace body installation

        The installation procedure for the furnace body is specified on the drawings. The first is to install the hob on a flat foundation and then install the tilting oil.

    Cylinders, furnaces, if weighing devices, should be installed in the specified position according to the drawings. The support of the furnace (for the  crucible  type should be the electric furnace including the fixed bracket and the movable bracket) and the part of the furnace body, during the processing, the welding construction should be made

    The amount of thermal deformation is limited to the specified range of the design, so that the subsequent installation work can be carried out smoothly.

        2. Installation and commissioning of induction melting furnace water purification system

        The water cooling system is an important part of the whole furnace installation, and its installation and commissioning are correct.

    The normal operation of the furnace in the future. Therefore, before installation and commissioning, first check whether the various pipes, hose resistance and corresponding joint dimensions in the system meet the design requirements. It is best to use galvanized welded pipes for the inlet pipe, such as ordinary welded steel pipes.

    The inner wall of the tube should be pickled before assembly to remove rust and oil. The part of the pipe that does not need to be disassembled can be welded.

    Connection requires strict weld seams and no leakage during pressure test. The joint of the detachable part of the pipeline shall be constructed to prevent

    Water leaks and easy maintenance. ,

        After the water cooling system is installed, the water pressure resistance test is required. The method is that the water pressure reaches the highest value of T, the well protection

    For ten minutes, all welds and joints are leak-free. Then pass the test of water and drainage, observe the induction

    Whether the flow rate of each cooling water channel such as a water-cooled cable is the same, and appropriate adjustment is made to meet the requirements. The backup water source and its switching system should be completed before the first test. `

     3. Installation and commissioning of the induction melting furnace hydraulic system

    The hydraulic drive has the advantages of small size, light weight and convenient control, and most of the squat and grooved induction

    The electric furnaces all use a hydraulic tilting system. The design of the pump station should be considered reliable and easy to maintain, with multiple induction melting furnaces.

    In the melting section, the hydraulic systems of the furnaces should be able to borrow from each other to reduce the time when the hydraulic system is forced to stop production.


        The oil pumping station is generally installed on a base with a certain height, which is convenient for discharging oil from the fuel tank during maintenance, and is beneficial to Qian¨an.

    Base production, even in the event of a serious leak, can ensure that the tank is not affected by molten iron. When placing the oil pipeline,

    To start from the worst conditions: avoid contact with high temperature iron liquid at any time to prevent accidents from expanding.

        Eliminating oil spills in hydraulic systems is a difficult task, starting with improving the quality of the installation. Do not

    The joints of the oil pipelines to be disassembled are preferably connected by welding. The weld should be dense and free from leakage. After welding

    Clean the inner wall without leaving slag and scale. Threaded oil pipeline joints should be considered for structural sealing

    Leak proof. When installing, take appropriate auxiliary measures, such as adding anti-leakage paint, etc., to reduce the possibility of oil leakage during operation.

        After the hydraulic system is installed, the pressure test of the entire system should be carried out. The method is to pass 1.5 times the working pressure.

    Oil, keep for 15 minutes, carefully check the interface of each joint, weld and each component. If there is leakage, take it

    The measures were eliminated one by one.

        After the furnace body, water cooling system and hydraulic system are installed, the furnace body tilt test shall be carried out to check the installation quality of the furnace.

    General inspection, such as whether the hydraulic control system is flexible and reliable, whether the actions are correct; whether the furnace body and the furnace cover are operating correctly

    Often; when the furnace body is tilted to 950, the limit travel switch is insured and regulates the pressure and flow of the hydraulic system.

    Quantity, so that it is in good working condition. At the same time as the furnace, check the installation quality of the mobile joint of the water cooling system.

    Leakage and obstruction of the furnace body tilt; check the water pipe of the hydraulic and water cooling system, observe the length when the furnace body tilts

    Appropriate, make appropriate adjustments when necessary; check whether the drainage system can work normally when the furnace body is tilted, if it is found to be insufficient

    At the same time, appropriate measures should be taken.

        4. Induction melting furnace electrical system and installation and commissioning of inductors and yokes

        Main power supply line of the furnace, transformer, capacitor, reactor, various switch cabinets and control cabinets, main bus, power

    The installation of the line and control lines shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of the national industrial enterprise electrical design and installation, with particular attention to

    The following are the following:

        (1) Terminal numbers should be marked on both ends of all control lines between electrical equipment for easy inspection and maintenance. After wiring is completed

    It is necessary to carefully check and test the electrical action so that all electrical and interlocking devices operate accurately.

        (2) Before the sensor passes through the water, the insulation resistance of the inductor should be detected and the L withstand voltage test. If the sensor has been dispatched

    For water, it is necessary to blow the water with compressed air before performing the above test. Sheng Zhuang should be able to withstand 2u. +1000 volts (but not

    Insulation withstand voltage test of less than 2000 volts for 1 minute without flashover and breakdown. u. For the sensor rated voltage. in

    In the high voltage test, the voltage starts from the 1/2 specified value and increases to the maximum value within 10 seconds.

        The insulation resistance between different induction coils and between the induction coil and the ground in the inductor should meet the following requirements: rated electricity

    For pressures below 1000 volts, with a 1000 volt shaker, the insulation resistance value is not less than 1 megohm; the rated voltage is above 1000 volts.

    For example, with a 2500 volt shaker, the insulation resistance value is not less than 1000 ohms/volt. If the insulation resistance value is found to be low, the sensor should be handled.

    The drying treatment can be carried out by means of a heater placed in a furnace or by blowing hot air. But at this time, care should be taken to prevent insulation.

    Harmful local overheating.

        (3) Each core bolt of the yoke should have good insulation to the silicon steel sheet and the ground, and measure with a 1000 volt shaker.

    The amount of insulation resistance is not low for 1 megaohm.

        Before the furnace is put into operation, it must be confirmed that all the interlocking and signalling systems are intact and the furnace body is tilted to the maximum position.

    The furnace limit switch works reliably, and the power supply, measuring instrument and control protection system are in a normal state, and then the furnace is built.

    Knotted and sintered furnace lining run test.

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