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    Electric furnace industry news

    Safe maintenance of the machine


    1. At the end of each shift, the sand mixing cage and the blades must be cleaned;


    2 , the sand outlet must be cleaned frequently, otherwise the sand outlet will gradually become smaller;


    3. When the battery is not used for a long time, the resin and curing agent pipeline must be cleaned;


    4 , pumps, motors and other purchased parts should be maintained according to their use requirements, each lubrication point should be refueled as required; the transmission bearings must be filled at least once every 3 months.


    5. In case of power failure during the sand mixing process, in order to avoid hardening of the sand in the sand mixing cage, the open type stirring cage must be opened to clean the sand in the stirring cage;


    6. The machine should be repaired once a month to check the wear of the wearing parts, and replace the wearing parts in time. Always pay attention to the wear of the stirring cage blades and replace them in time, otherwise the quality of the mixed sand will be affected;


    7. Always check the connection of screws and nuts on the equipment. If it is loose, tighten it in time;


    8. Check the electrical appliances, wiring and connectors frequently to avoid accidents caused by loose joints or damaged wires.


    9. Always check the pipelines and electrical components for damage, and there must be no leakage or air leakage.


    10 , liquid tank should prevent dust from entering.


    11. Always check the stirrer blades for looseness. If loose, tighten them in time.

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