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    Floor shot blasting machine principle


    The floor shot blasting machine is actually a road shot blasting machine. The road shot blasting machine uses the motor-driven blasting impeller to generate centrifugal force and wind force during high-speed rotation, and reaches 200Kg/min shot blasting into the high-speed rotating grinding wheel. Under the action of centrifugal force, the projectile is thrown into the directional sleeve by the dividing wheel, and then thrown out by the directional sleeve (controlling the direction of the blowing of the sand), picked up by the high-speed rotating blade, and continuously accelerated and thrown along the length of the blade. The projectile is thrown to form a certain fan-shaped stream, which is thrown onto the road surface and the surface of the steel plate at a speed of 120 m/s . The depth can reach 1-5 mm according to the type of abrasive , the convex and concave are uniform, and the impact working plane plays a role of cleaning and strengthening. The projectile then passes through the rebound chamber with dust and impurities to the top of the storage hopper. The high-power precipitator separates the pellets from the dust through the separator above the storage hopper, the pellets enter the storage hopper and continue to be recycled, and the dust enters the dust collector through the dust removal pipeline. Separated by the filter element, staying in the dust hopper and the surface of the filter element. The automatic backflushing dust collector can automatically clean each filter element by providing backflush air with compressed air. Finally, the inside of the machine is cleaned by the airflow of the matching vacuum cleaner, and the pellets and the cleaned impurities are sorted and recovered, and the pellets can be recycled again. The blasting machine is equipped with a dust collector, which can achieve pollution-free construction, improve work efficiency and protect the environment.

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