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    How the hook type shot blasting machine works


    The hook-type shot blasting machine adopts the international fourth-generation cantilever centrifugal blasting machine with large shot blasting and high throwing speed, which can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and obtain satisfactory cleaning quality. The simulated projectile map (including the type of blasting machine, the number of positions and the position of the space arrangement, etc.) and all the drawings of the shot blasting machine are completely drawn by computer aided design (CAD) , and the selection and arrangement of the blasting machine are more reasonable. The utilization rate and labor productivity of the projectile are improved, the cleaning effect is ensured, and the wear of the chamber body guard plate is reduced. The use of the popular form of no-pit structure not only saves the construction cost and time of the pit foundation, but also solves the problem of rust and agglomeration of the blasting machine in the hoist caused by the water storage in the south. The working method of hanging the workpiece with a 1 ton electric hoist has a separate walking track.


    The hook has the function of lifting, running and indoor rotation .

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