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    Electric furnace industry news

    Z8615 hot core box core shooting machine introduction


    Z8615 hot core box core shooting machine is made of coated sanding sand core equipment. It can shoot solid sand cores in a range of template sizes and within the maximum range of sandblasting weight. This machine involves two shots using a sandblasting cylinder to move straight and straight to complete the sanding and sand shooting action. According to the different molds of the user's mold, both shots can be operated at the same time and can be operated in a single operation. Two different molds can be placed at the same time, and different molds can be placed for production at the same time . All the actions of the device areautomatically controlled by the PLC . The operation is convenient and fast, and the productivity is high. The hot core box peritoneal sand is used to ensure the quality of the sand core. The opening and closing mode of the machine is vertical type, and the middle fixed mode can be set to open and close the mold. There is a set of open and close mold cylinders on the left and right sides of the movable mold, and two molds can be installed separately, and the movable mold is closed by left and right molds. When the mold is opened, it hits the dead top rod, that is, the sand core is ejected.


    The Z8615 hot core box core shooting machine is made of steel structural parts and welded with steel and steel plates. It has sufficient rigidity and strength to ensure smooth and safe parts.


    According to the shell core manufacturing process, the main machine is divided into four systems: sand supply, sand shooting, turning and control. It contains sand supply, sand shooting, sand tube movement, mold frame turning, cleaning molds, etc., as well as pneumatic control and heating structure. Temperature monitoring system.


    This machine is automatically controlled by the PLC programmable controller to control the whole process of the equipment.


    1. The sand bucket component is located at the upper part of the main machine to store and supply the coated sand. The coated sand is sent into the sand bucket by the pneumatic conveyor. When working, the sand cylinder opens the gate by itself, and the sand flows into the sand cylinder.

    2. Sand shooting device: When the sand tube is in the original position, the gate opens, the sand in the sand bucket flows into the sand tube, and the sand tube is limited in the sand tube. When the sand reaches the requirement, the sand in the sand bucket no longer flows into the sand tube, no Sand spills can occur. The sand cylinder is pushed by the cylinder and goes to the sand shooting position. The pressing cylinder on the beam presses the pressing head down the sand cylinder, and the plane of the head is closely attached to the upper plane of the mold. The rubber ring in the indenter tightly seals the upper end of the sand tube. The compressed air in the gas storage bag quickly flows into the sand cylinder, and the core sand is blown into the mold cavity. After the end of the shot, the air is automatically exhausted and the head is retracted. Under the action of the four springs, the sand tube rises into position and returns to the original position to start sand filling.

    There is a sand retaining device in the shooting head, and there is no sand leakage during the movement of the sand cylinder.


    1. Formwork: The formwork is the main moving part of the machine. It consists of side plates, fixed and movable stencils, guide posts, guide bushings, top core bars, clamping cylinders and turning cylinders.

    When working, the clamping cylinder pushes the moving template and translates along the left side of the guiding column to achieve the purpose of clamping.


    Plunger retracted after the shooting time of the sand core making, the n-th inverted cylinder mold member inwardly reversing cylinder vibration shock ,, 1800, I do Nai sand core is inverted, it is automatically reset after the delay. During the flip and reset process, the buffer better mitigates the impact of the rack in the flip.


    When the curing time of the core is reached, the mold is automatically opened, and the top core on the fixed template moves the top of the core away from the fixed mold, and the core moves with the moving mold. When the mold is in place, the top core pushes the top of the mold. The core board is used to push the core out of the movable mold and the core is manually taken.


    1. Clean the mold: The main unit has a clear air gun and a release agent spray gun. After the mold frame is reset, the operator can clean the cavity of the mold with a clear air gun, check the mold, and then spray the release agent as appropriate, and press the ^auto start ̄ button to enter another cycle of the core.

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