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    Electric furnace industry news

    Z8615 hot-box core shooting machine equipment uses


     Z8615 hot core box core shooting machine is made of coated sanding sand core equipment. It can shoot solid sand cores in a range of template sizes and within the maximum range of sandblasting weight. This machine involves two shots using a sandblasting cylinder to move straight and straight to complete the sanding and sand shooting action. According to the different molds of the user's mold, both shots can be operated at the same time and can be operated in a single operation. Two different molds can be placed at the same time, and different molds can be placed for production at the same time . All the actions of the device are automatically controlled by the PLC . The operation is convenient and fast, and the productivity is high. The hot core box peritoneal sand is used to ensure the quality of the sand core. The opening and closing mode of the machine is vertical type, and the middle fixed mode can be set to open and close the mold. There is a set of open and close mold cylinders on the left and right sides of the movable mold, and two molds can be installed separately, and the movable mold is closed by left and right molds. When the mold is opened, it hits the dead top rod, that is, the sand core is ejected.


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