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    Why is the water cover round?

    First of all, from the perspective of life, the launching of the water cover has three advantages:

    1. The water cover is an object that belongs to the metal texture and has a large mass. Therefore, it takes a lot of manpower to transport. When the water cover is moved to a fixed position, at least two people need to work together to complete. And if the water cover is made round, then only one person is enough. First turn the water cover from horizontal to three-dimensional. Because the water cover is round and has no edges and corners, the wheel principle can be used to easily transport the water cover by rolling. This saves manpower and saves time. , greatly improving the efficiency of work.

    2 , the sewer port is made in a circular shape, which can reduce the probability that irregular objects will fall when the sewer has no cover. Because the circle is a geometric shape with the same length of radius, when the irregular body passes over the uncovered sewer mouth, it is easy to get stuck without falling directly into the sewer, and the square sewer mouth is right. The corner line is larger than the side length, and in this case, it is easier to fall into the sewer. Therefore, the sewer opening is made round, and the natural sewer cover is made circular.

    3 , because the circle is a curved figure, there is no corner, and the square has a dead angle. When a person accidentally falls into the sewer or the repairman enters the sewer to repair the water pipe, if the sewer is square, its dead angle is very easy to scratch the human skin, and If the sewer is round, the chance of injury is relatively small.

    Second, from a physics perspective:

    The circular shape can better distribute the pressure evenly around the entire water cover, and evenly load the surrounding area and the ground it touches. Increase the pressure resistance even when other conditions such as materials are unchanged. Similarly, the cylinder can withstand the pressure of the surrounding land. Thus, we made the water cover into a circular shape, and the sewer was cylindrical. And in life, we can observe that the launching cover on the highway motorway is generally round, while the launching cover that is not often subjected to the roadside is round and round.

    Again, from a mathematical point of view, the manufacture of the water cover is circular and has two advantages:

    1. We can do a control experiment (the experimental equipment in the experiment is a model). The experimental group A is a circular sewer cover and a cylindrical sewer. The experimental group B is a square sewer cover and a square sewer. When we put the water cover in the experimental Group A and Group B above their sewers and rotate them, in the case of the diagonal, because the diagonal and the length of the sides are different, the square water cover It will fall, and the round water cover is equal in length, so no matter how the round water cover is turned, it will not fall because of which side is wider.

    2 , the water cover is made into a round shape, the same large area consumes the least amount of material. Saving materials, spending less cost and winning big profits, this is the eternal principle of business people, and natural businesses are willing to produce a circular water cover. And because of the same large capacity, the cylindrical sewer consumes the least amount of material, and because the sewer is designed to be cylindrical, its capacity can be increased, and the design of the sewer is circular to increase its area. When the rain occurs that day, the rainwater concentrated on the ground can flow into the sewer at the maximum flow rate, so that the flow speed can be increased, so that the street traffic will not be blocked due to the excessive accumulation of rainwater.

    Finally, from an aesthetic point of view, the "circle" is the simplest symmetrical figure with the most perfect curve. In the aesthetics of art, the connotation features of "the beauty of the circle" are mainly manifested in three aspects: the harmony of form, the fluidity of the charm and the richness of the artistic conception. And since ancient times, in the long history of Chinese culture, "circle" has the meaning of symbolizing beauty, happiness and perfection. Therefore, the water cover is made into a circle, which contains a beauty of harmony and beauty.

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