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    Electric furnace industry news

    What are the safety procedures for the core machine ?

    Shell core machine operating procedures:

    1. Turn on the air source switch and check if the core machine pressure reaches 0.6Mpa . Hit a power main switch and check that the power indicator is lit. Change for a shell core machine PC power switch to see whether the indicator light. Turn on the heating switch, heat the mold, heat to the required temperature, open the mold to remove the carbon deposit in the exhaust cavity of the core box cavity, and spray the release agent.

    2 , the core machine is divided into single step, automatic two modes of operation:

    Single step operation of the core machine:

    Turn the selector switch to the single step position, press the mold clamping button to start the mold clamping, and press the sanding cylinder forward button after closing the mold. After the shell core machine shoots the sand cylinder into position, press the head to press the button. After the shot is pressed, press the sand button to start shooting. After the sand is finished, press the sanding tube to release the button. After the shell core machine is released, the sand tube is released. Press the back button of the shotgun; press the flip button after the shot is retracted in position; press the mold frame vibrate button after turning in place; press the mold frame reset button after the vibration knot speed; the shell core mold frame reset begins to solidify the crustization time to After pressing the mold opening button, press the top core rod out button after the mold is opened, and push the core out. Press the top core rod to enter the button, press the mold clamping button after the top core rod enters, and close the mold in place to complete a work cycle.

    Automatic operation of the core machine:

    Turn the selector switch to the automatic position, select the program switch, I or II or III or IV , start the switch according to the program, and then automatically operate according to the program; mold clamping ★ sanding forward ★ sand crushing ★ sanding ★ shot pine Open ★ shot retreat ★ mold frame flip ★ mold vibration ★ mold frame reset ★ solidification ★ mold opening ★ top core rod out ★ core ★ core rod in ★ mold closing.

    3. After the core machine is finished, put the mold in full mode ★ close the air source switch ★ turn off the heating switch ★ turn off the PC switch ★ turn off the main power switch, clean the machine, and the work is completed.

    Daily maintenance of the core machine:

    1. Check if there is any air leakage in each cylinder, gas path and valve.

    2. Clean the contact surface of the moving parts at any time during work. Such as guide sleeves, guide columns everywhere.

    3. Always check the connection bolts and nuts of the components for looseness and tighten them in time.

    4 , clean the equipment after work every day, thoroughly cleaned once a week inside and outside.

    5. The electric control box and operation surface are kept clean. After the maintenance or set time, the door is closed.

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