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    Electric furnace principle

    3T steel melting furnace safety Construction Technology Agreement

    First, 3 T steel shell melting furnace standard and construction conditions:

    1. The plain is basically flat. Within the 2m scale, the drop should not be greater than 5 mm. The whole powder is lighted and cured for more than 28 days. (The light unevenness caused by the unevenness of the ground level of the ground is not related to the supplier)

    2 , the cement is firmly bonded ( C > 25 ), no empty drum, no sand, no cracks, no oil.

          3. The surface moisture content of the construction site is less than 8% . The construction ground must be dry and free from pollution. The first floor must be treated with moisture.

    4. The relative air temperature during construction is not more than 70% , and the ambient temperature is not lower than 5 C.

    5. Before the construction, the purchaser shall provide the construction drawings to the supplier, complete the water supply and power supply work, and the doors and windows shall be in place.

    6. During the construction process, both parties shall designate one person to do on-site coordination and supervision.

    Second, acceptance criteria and methods:

          1. The decorated floor, the lacquer surface is firmly bonded to the ground, and there is no air bubble blistering.

          2. After the completion of the supplier project, the demander shall conduct the acceptance within seven days (can be extended on legal holidays), and provide the input users without delay or unexperienced acceptance, which is deemed to be qualified.

          3. When both parties have disputes over the quality of the contracted project during the acceptance, they may apply to the statutory quality supervision and inspection agency for inspection and provide the inspection certificate to the other party. The expenses incurred by the inspection shall be borne by the opposition party.

          4. The warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, the supplier shall be responsible for the delamination between the paint surface and the cement stratification due to the supplier's construction reasons (except for the wet or oily ground). The supplier shall be responsible for the repair or use during the use. If it is caused by improper (such as: cement falling off or the surface is not dry and the demand side requires rushing to work, etc.), the buyer shall bear the expenses incurred by the maintenance.

    9. Responsibilities of both parties:

    Demand side :

    1. Guarantee payment according to the contract (Note: If the delay due to the unsuccessful payment by the demander and related losses are the responsibility of the demander).

    2. The purchaser shall ensure that the supplier shall not affect the construction progress during the construction period. Otherwise, the project quality problems and delays in the construction period shall be borne by the purchaser (the failure fee of the supplier's construction personnel, and the loss of the purchaser shall be borne by the purchaser).

    3 , the ground surface is flat and dry before it can be handed over to the supplier for construction. If the floor is back to the tide or the strength of the ground does not reach the construction standards, the supplier will not bear any responsibility, such as the ground. The cost of labor, travel, and materials generated by the repairs shall be settled through negotiation between the two parties.

    4. If the construction site is not tightly sealed, causing problems such as mosquitoes, flies and other insects falling on the floor surface, the buyer shall not be held responsible for the supplier.

    Supplier :

    1. Ensure that the project is completed according to quality and quantity.

    2. The project is guaranteed to be completed on schedule. If the construction period is delayed due to the supplier's reasons, the acquirer has the right to compensate the supplier for 0.5% of the total project amount per day.

    3. The supplier construction personnel must abide by the demand side management system and impose penalties if they violate the provisions of the demand side.

    4, the supplier must be applied in accordance with the construction workers construction specifications, otherwise the quality of the project and accidents, borne by the supplier.

    5. If the quality of the project is caused by unpredictable factors, the supplier is not responsible.

    6. The supplier must provide the receipt of the supplier company when collecting the project payment.

    Third, quality assurance

    The goods are guaranteed to be new, superior in material and well-machined, in full compliance with all the requirements of the contract for specifications and performance. Under the conditions of proper installation, operation and maintenance, the installation warranty period is 12 months after the normal operation of the machine . During the warranty period, if the product is damaged due to product design, manufacture or material and installation, the supplier is responsible for the repair. Or replace parts, the cost is borne by the supplier.

    Fourth, maintenance commitment

    We are responsible for the free maintenance of the quality problems caused by the product or construction within one year; for the damage caused by third-party reasons or other human factors within six years, we are responsible for the repair, only the cost of the work. For repairs, please call our service hotline.

    The unfinished matters were resolved through friendly negotiation between the two parties.

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