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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    Can the induction melting furnace be used for training?


    Whether the induction melting furnace can be used to treat metal or refining metal. How can the induction melting furnace be used to refine the lead in the waste lead-acid battery? Is the cost high? Why is the price of the induction melting furnace that I checked online is very high?


    The first statement is that the intermediate frequency cannot be used to refine the metal, and the induction melting furnace is a refining furnace.


    Secondly, the intermediate frequency is specifically used to smelt metals (non-ores and things without metal properties cannot use induction melting furnaces ).


    Finally, the issue price Description induction melting furnace, induction melting furnace prices are based on the tonnage, power, configuration set, domestic stove varying quality, with a good stove more good than harm! The frequency furnace is used to smelt the equipment, that is, the iron is melted into molten iron, and this function is not purified.

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