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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    Harmonics influence induction melting furnace

    In a power supply system, it is always desirable to have a sinusoidal waveform of alternating voltage and alternating current. However, inductive melting furnaces are typically non-linear loads, and the current becomes non-sinusoidal. Non-sinusoidal currents create a voltage drop across the grid impedance, which also causes the voltage waveform to become non-sinusoidal.

    When the induction melting furnace is in normal operation, a large number of current harmonics are generated, the current harmonic distortion rate is about 30% , and the main current harmonic spectrum is 5 times, 7times and 11 times. Harmonic currents cause distortion of the voltage waveform at the impedance of the grid, producing voltage harmonics.

    Voltage harmonics and current harmonics reduce the voltage of the induction melting furnace , prolong the time of smelting the furnace, reduce the power factor, and cause the temperature rise of the induction melting furnace transformer to rise, the noise is high, and the cable is heated or even ignited.

    For iron and steel smelting enterprises, when the induction melting furnace is half of the smelting time, suddenly power failure, often referred to as ^fried furnace ̄, a furnace water is equal to waste, need to be oven, and then smelt, not only increase furnace time, but also cause Huge economic losses, special frying process is relatively dangerous, and it is easy to cause safety problems such as workers' work injuries. These are caused by harmonics causing trips.

    When the harmonics generated by the induction melting furnace are not treated, it will cause electricity for other users of the power supply grid, especially household electricity, such as induction cookers, mobile phone chargers, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.

    According to our engineering experience and successful cases, MSFGD induction melting furnace filter can help steel smelting enterprises solve the harmonic problem of induction melting furnace . The typical case is Guangzhou Huadu Zhili Machinery Factory. At that time, induction melting furnace often trips. Influencing the electricity consumption of surrounding residents, after installing the MSFGD induction melting furnacefilter, the induction melting furnace furnace time is shortened, the voltage is stable, there is no tripping phenomenon, there is no abnormal phenomenon in residential electricity consumption, the power factor is improved, and the power supply bureau is additionally rewarded. .

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan