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    Electric furnace principle

    Induction melting furnace to control the temperature of a few kinds of ways?

    (1) The induction melting furnace controls the temperature so that the temperature of the molten iron is always maintained at the temperature of the tapping.

    (2) as far as possible at a low melting temperature, and then pour the liquid iron overheating.

    The second method of controlling the temperature of the molten iron has the following advantages.

    A. The furnace lining that can keep the quartz sand sintered is at a low temperature, thereby increasing the furnace age.

    B. It is better than the lower temperature of the molten iron, and its corresponding viscosity is higher, so the electromagnetic stirring action of the solution and the height of the molten metal dome can be appropriately suppressed, and the wear of the circumferential pressure of the lining is reduced.

    (3) Increasing the amount of charge added each time is beneficial to improving the load power state of the furnace, increasing the temperature of the solution and increasing the working efficiency of the furnace.

    (4) Due to the reduced number of charging times, the number of opening and closing of the furnace cover is reduced, the heat loss of the furnace is reduced, and the working conditions are improved.

    3 , melting temperature

    When melting iron in the induction melting furnace, the melting temperature of the material is required to ensure that performance is obtained and an important factor.

    Maximum heating temperature and tapping temperature of various grades



      Maximum heating temperature

      Iron temperature



      About 1500








    4, residual liquid melting method

        The circuit utilization coefficient of the residual liquid melting method is the largest, that is, the melting efficiency of the furnace is the highest, the unit consumption is the smallest, and the temperature fluctuation of the molten iron is also the smallest.

       The residual liquid melting method is actually a kind of continuous melting, and it is preferable to use one third of the residual liquid for melting.


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