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    Electric furnace principle

    Graphite crucible is an advanced refractory vessel for smelting, casting copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, gold, silver and various rare metals. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. It is an indispensable accessory for medium frequency electric furnace. The graphite crucible can improve the quality of the intermediate frequency furnace smelting. How to choose the intermediate frequency electric furnace graphite crucible?

    Medium frequency electric furnace graphite crucible picking tips

    First, the size

    The first thing to pay attention to when choosing is the size. You must choose the right size. It should not be too big or too small. Too big or too small will affect the final use.


    Second, silicon carbide graphite crucible

    Nowadays, a kind of silicon carbide graphite crucible is popular, which is formed by pressing. The quality of this crucible is generally better than that of graphite, and the service life is long and the heat conduction is fast.

    Third, check

    Check the electric furnace graphite crucible for cracks. No matter whether the crack is large or small, it will cause the final damage during the process of use. The crack will not appear during the production process, and there will be bumps and cracks during transportation.


    What should I pay attention to when using the intermediate frequency electric furnace graphite crucible?

    Avoid smashing or falling from a height.

    Be careful when using it. Pay attention to the surrounding environment. Handle it gently, and if it is hit or dropped, it may cause damage to the product and prevent it from being used normally. Store the furnace graphite crucible in a dry place to avoid moisture or water ingress. Moisture may react with the substances placed in the crucible under certain conditions, affecting the characteristics of the substance, especially in the experiment, the experimental results may cause large deviations, and the moisture may also affect the performance of the crucible, causing time. Waste on.

    Be careful not to align the flame directly to the crucible when heating, so as to avoid leaving black marks on the bottom of the crucible. Whenever you stop using it, try to remove all the solids and waste liquid. This will reduce the corrosion of the concrete and prolong its service life.

    In addition, it should be noted that when the substance is put into the sputum, the action is light and no mechanical force is used.

    According to the above operation, the working efficiency of the crucible furnace can be improved, and the working efficiency of the graphite crucible can be increased correspondingly. It can also extend the service life of the graphite crucible in the medium frequency electric furnace. Its corrosion resistance, heat resistance and thermal stability are all based on the formal operation. After use, place it in a dry place, avoid rainwater intrusion; use it slowly to 500 degrees Celsius before use.How to choose the intermediate frequency electric furnace graphite crucibleHow to choose the intermediate frequency electric furnace graphite crucible

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