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    induction melting  electric furnace graphite crucible use method

    1: Medium-frequency electric furnace graphite crucible installation method: The bottom-filling material will build the intermediate-frequency electric furnace graphite crucible at the center, and the filling materials will be put into batches. The three-person rotary tools will be built around the building and solidified (5 minutes) and then put into 200M/ When the M operation is completed, the top should be finally built.

    2: Drying: When the furnace is initially opened, the temperature is raised to 200 C to the use temperature. The temperature is maintained for 3 hours to make the intermediate frequency electric furnace graphite crucible firm to prevent gas and sand holes from occurring.

    3: Melting method: every morning * furnace low temperature preheating (2 hours before shift) is put into normal power. When the soup is out, different heating curves cannot be set due to different refining materials, but rapid melting is not good.

    4: Medium frequency electric furnace graphite crucible use method: * The furnace uses materials to make it into the furnace block. The bigger the better the article. Do not hit the intermediate frequency electric furnace graphite crucible. The second furnace has a little hot to make it easy to melt new materials, never Rapid melting, the intermediate frequency furnace graphite crucible contains molten soup can not be cooled, the attached oxide should be removed at any time.

    5: The reason why the intermediate frequency furnace graphite crucible is bad: the longitudinal filler is uneven in the back filler, the graphite crucible in the intermediate frequency electric furnace is not in proper position, and the metal liquid material is impacted and impacted when it melts. Cross-break reason. It is easy to occur in the upper part and the lower part to rapidly melt the metal liquid. The upper part is broken: the back filler is not solid, and the intermediate frequency electric furnace graphite ruthenium is oxidized and impacted. Local melt loss: After the melting, the metal material is not continuously input.

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