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    Electric furnace principle

    In the smelting of medium frequency induction furnace, the effect of strontium is so large.

    There is a crucible in the place where the medium frequency induction furnace is located. It is an important part of the induction furnace. It is also the basis for the induction energy conversion and metal smelting. It plays an important role in the smelting process of the medium frequency induction furnace. The following is a detailed explanation for you. The role.


    (1) crucible is an important medium for the effective transmission of energy from the induction coil to the molten steel, that is, the electromagnetic energy can be converted into thermal energy, and the basic conditions for metal smelting are realized.

    (2) crucible Electrical insulation between the induction coil and the molten steel.

    (3) The crucible is subjected to various stresses such as gravity, thermal stress and electromagnetic force of the charge or molten steel.

    (4) The heat insulation effect of heat is reduced, the heat loss is reduced, and the temperature of the smelting process such as melting and refining molten steel is ensured, so that the smelting can proceed smoothly.

    (5) The crucible is subjected to the chemical attack of high temperature molten steel and high temperature molten slag. Maintaining good stability provides a stable space for smelting.

    We also need to pay attention to his accessories while choosing the electric furnace. Every detail we pay attention to can make our equipment last longer.

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