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        An important choice for medium frequency electric furnace
    (1) Before setting up the furnace in the intermediate frequency electric furnace, the appropriate mold should be selected. The mold should be welded by 6-l0mm thick steel plate. The mold body should have a certain taper. The welding should be continuously welded (to avoid the joint when the electricity is energized). Fire at the place, causing current instability or even overcurrent protection). The outer surface of the mold should be smoothed to remove oxidized rust (to avoid penetration into the lining and slag, affecting the life of the lining); the outer surface of the ram should be smooth and flat, especially if the side wall and the bottom are connected to each other. It is advisable (usually taking 0.1 times the inner diameter of the lining as the maximum allowable arc radius).
        (2) The filling of the new furnace lining of the intermediate frequency electric furnace shall be strictly in accordance with the furnace building process. During the filling process, the ferromagnetic and other materials should be avoided from being mixed into the furnace building material: when the ram is placed, it should be pressed against the center of the induction coil.栫椁 Install a certain amount of clean furnace block to prevent cockroaches from moving.
        (3) The intermediate frequency electric furnace is strictly sintered according to the oven curve oven, and the intermediate frequency output power is strictly controlled by adjusting the voltage to control the temperature rise. The maximum voltage during the sintering process cannot exceed 70%-8O% of the rated voltage. The cooling water flow rate is strictly controlled. When the water flow rate is gradually increased during the temperature rise and the temperature of the oven reaches about 1100, the clean rust-free material should be loaded into the furnace, and the power should be gradually increased to the rated value, and the feeding should be continued until the metal liquid level is flush with the port on the furnace lining. When the temperature reaches the sintering temperature (about l550...":), the power is reduced for 3 - 4h, and the furnace is released.
        (4) At the end of the daily smelting, in order to avoid cracks caused by rapid cooling of the lining, the furnace material to be melted the next day can be placed in the crucible, the furnace cover is covered, the furnace mouth is blocked, and the cooling water flow of the induction coil is appropriately adjusted.
        (5) The new building lining shall be continuously melted for more than three furnaces to allow the furnace to be put on hold.
        (6) Under the furnace of the intermediate frequency electric furnace, especially the floor of the water-cooled cable, metal furnace materials and other sundries shall not be piled up, so as to avoid wearing the water-cooled cable insulation jacket or metal medium frequency induction heat to damage the water-cooled cable insulation jacket; Oil (to avoid damage caused by long-term immersion of water-cooled cable, etc.).

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