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    Electric furnace repair
        How to adjust the intermediate frequency voltage of the intermediate frequency furnace control circuit board
    The intermediate frequency voltage regulator can be adjusted to change the intermediate frequency voltage:

    The working process of the regulator circuit can be divided into two cases:
    One is that when the DC voltage does not reach the maximum value, since the feedback coefficient of the impedance regulator is slightly larger, the impedance regulator is given less than the feedback, and the impedance regulator operates in the limiting state, corresponding to the minimum inversion θ angle. At this time, it can be considered that the impedance regulator does not work, and the system is completely a standard voltage and current double closed loop system.

    In another case, the DC voltage  reaches the maximum value, the current regulator starts to limit the amplitude, the output of the voltage regulator increases, and the feedback current does not change. For the impedance regulator, when the feedback current signal ratio is given When the constant current is slightly lower, the impedance regulator will exit the limiter and start to work. Adjust the θ angle given value of the inverter angle adjuster to increase the output intermediate frequency voltage and increase the DC current to reach a new balance.

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