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    Electric furnace technical parameters

    Main technical specifications of medium frequency furnace electric building furnace


    1. The medium frequency furnace electric building machine is mainly used for the furnace lining of the intermediate frequency melting furnace, and belongs to the special tool for knotting the furnace lining.

    The intermediate frequency furnace electric building furnace consists of a vibration main machine and a furnace building tool. The furnace building tools include: bottom vibration plate, furnace wall vibration plate, tamping fork, and flat shovel.

    The electric frequency furnace of the intermediate frequency furnace is based on the vibration force generated by the motor to drive the eccentric wheel. The vibration force is transmitted to the sand through the vibration plate of the furnace lining and the vibration plate of the furnace wall, and the sand is pressed and the air in the sand is discharged to make the sand and sand. A high packing density is achieved between the materials.

    Main specifications and technical performance:

    Rated voltage 380V

    Rated current 0.37A

    Rated power 180W

    Power frequency 50HZ

    Vibration frequency 2900r/min

    Vibration force 1000-2000N,

    Pressure 0.3-0.5MPa

    Weight 14.2kg

    In order to make the workers easy to operate, the motor is required to be made of an aluminum alloy casing, which is lighter in weight. In order to make the lining of the lining more durable. Moreover, not only can the power be up and down, but also local rotation, bias and other movements in the furnace.

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