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    Electric furnace technical parameters
        The harm of induction melting furnace medium frequency  power leakage
    The medium frequency heating equipment has been widely used in the forging and casting industries, and the power of the intermediate frequency power supply is also increasing. For the heat generated in the operation of high-power IF power supplies, the water cooling method is generally used for forced cooling. The cooling medium usually has demineralized water and tap water. Softened water does not foul and does not block the pipeline, but it is expensive, so most of the current intermediate frequency equipment uses circulating tap water for forced cooling of the equipment. No matter which type of cooling medium is used, there may be a leak in the piping.
    IF power leakage causes and hazards
    The water cooling system piping of the IF power cabinet is usually made of plastic hose and the hose clamp is fixed. Tap water is used as the cooling medium. As the use time increases, the tube is easy to scale and block, making the water flow smaller. The equipment works under such conditions, especially when the current is high, the heat generated by the heating element cannot be taken away in time. The accumulated heat will soon burn out beyond the rated operating temperature of the component. Moreover, since the plastic hose cannot withstand high temperatures, the cooling pipe connected to the end of the heating element is first thermally ruptured and broken, thereby leaking water. The use of softened water as the cooling medium will also result in loosening of the fixed hose clamp due to long-term use of the equipment, vibration at the work site, and untimely maintenance. If it is not tightened in time, it will cause water leakage. If the water is not found in time, the water splashes on the electronics, electrical components and terminals of the cabinet, which will cause short circuit of the circuit, components, and electrical insulation. Moreover, the intermediate frequency power supply cabinet is installed indoors when the intermediate frequency heating device is installed, and the operator is operating outdoors, the operator cannot find the water leakage of the indoor power supply cabinet in time, and the result is water leakage, burning of components, resulting in abnormal shutdown of the equipment, affecting production. .

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan