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    Electric furnace technical information

    12 pulse rectifier power supply cabinet configuration and technical description

    12- pulse rectifier power supply cabinet:

        KGPS series melting furnace dual output IF power supply all components are installed in a closed cabinet. The incoming power supply is 950 V , 6 phases (12pulses ) , 50 Hz .

    12- pulse rectification power supply cabinet

        The cabinet is made of cold-rolled steel sheets of not less than 1.5 mm thick and high strength. Opening the door makes it easy to access parts such as rectification and inverter. Lighting cabinets and sockets are provided inside the power cabinet for easy observation and maintenance. There are hooks on the top of the power cabinet for easy transportation and installation. The components of the power cabinet are reasonably arranged, easy to maintain, and the wiring and wiring are in compliance with the specifications. It is convenient for maintenance personnel to easily access all maintenance points. The copper bars are all set to reasonable water cooling as needed.

    12 pulse wave rectification power supply front door isolation control room

    The isolated control room enclosed in the upper part of the front door is equipped with control components such as a rectification main control board, a feedback board, and a control power supply. The signal of the main control board can be conveniently observed , and the isolation control room does not require additional cooling. Built-in intermediate frequency power main control board, is the latest type of intermediate frequency control module developed by our company for series melting furnace . The circuit is simple and easy to maintain. It is suitable for medium power supply with different power . Its characteristics are as follows:

    Commissioning simple: only three complete inverter control panel adjustment potentiometer (W1 overvoltage, W2 overcurrent, W3 inverter conduction angle),the circuit is simple adjustment easy maintenance.

    Load adaptability: When the same power supply has different frequency loads, the load can be directly replaced without re-setting the parameters to achieve automatic frequency tracking.

    Frequent full voltage start function: frequency power supply can be rectified in the full-press 100% success start.

    12 pulse wave rectification power supply part

    The DW15 circuit breaker in the power cabinet receives the secondary side of the rectifier transformer through the busway or copper bus, and is installed on the front side of the cabinet as the isolation switch for the power supply line. They are equipped with a manual switch and an undervoltage coil for interlock protection.

    12- pulse rectification power supply rectification section

    Series type voltage feedback; circuit employs pulse rectifier 12, using the line voltage is 950 V. The RC absorption branch at both ends of the thyristor can act as a buffer current sudden change when the thyristor switch is used.

    Filter network

    Line reactors remove current ripple and prevent high frequency signals from entering the plant supply line.

    Filter reactor

    The rectifier and the inverter are connected together by a filter inductor that is divided into two. This inductor has three functions:

       ( 1 ) Make the output current of the rectifier continuous.

       ( 2 ) Isolating the rectifier and inverter so that they do not affect each other.

       ( 3 ) When the inverter is short-circuited, the short-circuit current will not increase too fast, leaving enough time for the protection circuit.

    DC filter capacitor with large 12- pulse rectified power supply capacity

    The filter capacitor is very important for the solid power supply. It can make the output voltage of the rectifier smooth and stable, provide a stable and smooth voltage for the inverter, and make the inverter waveform stable and reliable. The filter capacitor is water-cooled , and the filter capacitor has an external discharge resistor, which can be discharged within 5 minutes after the power is turned

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