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    Inductive melting furnace primary turns ratio main resonance frequency adjustment method


    The greater the ratio of the primary turns ratio of the quenching transformer , the lower the frequency relative to the induction melting furnace circuit. The smaller the ratio of the primary turns ratio of the quenching transformer, the higher the frequency relative to the induction melting furnace circuit. So how do we judge under what circumstances we need to increase or decrease the ratio? It is mainly judged according to the diameter of the load workpiece and the inductance of the inductor. We mentioned in the above description that the set start frequency of the induction melting furnace is in the range of 6-8KHz , so we have to set the main resonant frequency of the load circuit.


    Adjustment within this range will ensure the success rate of the induction melting furnace . Mainly on the experience to do a preliminary determination, generally applicable to the workpiece diameter no greater than 100mm sensor, which primary turns ratio should be about 28 ฉU 2, becomes larger than the smaller diameter. In the case where the diameter deviation is not large, it is generally not necessary to adjust the turns ratio.


    For the above-mentioned induction melting furnace debugging method, some steps are not applicable to the user's actual operation and adjustment, and the user only needs to do some understanding and reference. Some steps are important to the user. For example , steps 1 , 4 , and 10 are important and are often used by users during installation. 6, 7, 9 in the step of detecting a user induction melting furnace useful failure. 2, 3, 5, 8 steps users only need to know to do.

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