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    Electric furnace technical parameters
        Which accessories affect the price of induction melting furnace?

    Induction melting furnaces are growing faster and faster, and the industry continues to improve the production technology of induction melting furnaces and improve the components of the equipment. Nowadays, China's induction melting furnace not only has good performance and reliable operation, but also the price is gradually open and transparent. The variety of induction melting furnace equipment on the market, the price is different, so what is the price of induction melting furnace?

    Generally, thyristors and power capacitors: The most important components on IF power devices are thyristors and power capacitors. First of all, the intermediate frequency power supply equipment manufactured by various manufacturers, the selected thyristor and power capacitors, the quality is generally reliable, but the selected manufacturers are different; any manufacturer has a period of unstable quality, and the scale is large. Enterprise quality fluctuations are less. But there are still some differences in the price.
    There are other small components: such as capacitors, resistors, plastic wires, water-cooled cables, water pipes, various transformers, etc., there will be cost differences in the choice. Distribution cabinet: regular products should be equipped with power distribution cabinets with automatic switches (several thousand dollars), not included in the price of low-cost equipment. Capacitor cabinet: Low-cost equipment users need to solve the problem of capacitor placement and fixing. Water pipe clamps: regular stainless steel water pipe clamps are used for regular equipment, and ordinary iron wire can be used for low-cost equipment. The production of low-cost equipment is generally assembled by individuals and their relatives. Many customers generally do not have the conditions for pre-sales commissioning, and there is no formal warranty, and no redundant personnel to serve. Only some unfixed maintenance personnel can be found to go out for debugging. The service commitment of low-cost equipment is generally: the main components of the equipment are the consumables for thyristors and intermediate frequency capacitors. If there are quality problems, these components are controlled by thyristors and The capacitor manufacturer is responsible for it, and can take it back and return it to the production plant for exchange. Other problems, users should provide their own repair capabilities. Then the price of the specific accessories of the induction melting furnace is also unstable.
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