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    Electric furnace technical information

    What are the applications of IF power in the industrial field?

    1. Melting furnace metal melting: This is one of the most widely used aspects. The development of thyristor power supply in China begins with melting, which can smelt various carbon steel, alloy steel, alloy cast iron, and also smelt copper and aluminum. It is used to refine various non-ferrous metals such as high-purity zinc. The smelting load is the worst load of the intermediate frequency power supply. The yin resistance is large and the load is unstable. However, the intermediate frequency power supply can accomplish this task very ideally. The most outstanding advantage is to save energy. The power consumption of each smelting IT steel isabout 500KW.h . In addition, the starting is convenient, the molten steel is stable, the vortex stirring is small, and the melting quality is good.

    2. Application in diathermy: When the workpiece is heated, the whole metal is heated, and the workpiece can reach a temperature range inside and outside. It is also used for heating before casting, stamping, extrusion, rolling, etc. of metal materials.

    Due to the short heating time of the intermediate frequency furnace, there is almost no or only a small amount of scale on the heating, so the weight loss caused by the scale is less than 0.5% , and the weight loss of the gas furnace scale is as high as 20% , plus the loss and waste of pickling is very big. Therefore, the use of intermediate frequency power supply can greatly improve the efficiency, and easy maintenance, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and facilitate automation.

    Induction heating, due to the high-frequency skin effect, the density of the induced current is gradually reduced from the surface to the inside. The same material, the higher the frequency, the faster the current density decreases from the outer surface to the inside.

    3. In the application of heat treatment, the skin effect of medium frequency current is used to improve the mechanical properties of steel parts, so that it has high hardness and fatigue resistance. For steel pipes, the heating frequency is due to the diameter of the steel pipe and the wall of the pipe. When the thickness of the wall is constant, the smaller the diameter of the steel pipe, the higher the frequency of induction heating.

    Quenching load characteristics: The load changes little, the chance of over-current and over-pressure is less, but the starting is very frequent and the operating cycle is short.

    4 , in the application of welding: the intermediate frequency power supply can be used for welding, with a fast welding speed, small impact on the surrounding heat, without pickling to remove the advantages of scale.It can also be used for the addition (tempering) after welding, which can greatly improve the work efficiency.

    The application of IF power is extensive, and some application fields are under development. With the development of thyristor technology and the accumulation of IF power supply application experience, thyristor IF power supply will have a broader development prospect .

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