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    Medium frequency electric furnace operating procedures

    1. Check whether the waterways pass through the water, whether the water pressure gauges are normal, and whether the water pipes are leaking. The inlet pressure of the electric control cabinet is 0.1Mpa , the inlet pressure of the capacitor is 0.08Mpa , the inlet pressure of the furnace is 0.2Mpa , and the inlet pressure of the transformer is 0.1Mpa .

    2. After the water supply is normal, first turn on the control power of the protection cabinet. After starting the cooling oil pump of the transformer, the power can be turned on after the oil flow indication is normal.

    3. Before power transmission, it must be confirmed that no one is working in the transformer and electric control cabinet area. Before the low-voltage power transmission, it is necessary to confirm that no one is working in the capacitor area, reactor, and furnace area.

    4 , the intermediate frequency power transmission should first minimize the power regulator counterclockwise, then control the power supply; press the energy storage button; press the main power, observe whether the main circuit board indicator is normal, and then gradually adjust the power knob clockwise The maximum position, pay attention to the IF voltage of the first 10 minutes of each furnace steel transmission must not exceed1250V . The AC incoming line indication is 1000V , and the intermediate frequency voltage is up to 1600V . The DC current of the two sets of rectifier cabinets should be basically balanced. When there is no current indication, immediately turn off the intermediate frequency power supply and restart. If the fault persists, find the relevant technicians. deal with.

    5, every hour to check whether the water through the water, the temperature rise is too high. If an abnormality occurs, first turn the power to the lowest level, and then press the ^main power minute ̄ and ^control power points ̄ before repairing. Check contents every 1 hour: the temperature of the thyristor is less than 45 <C, the temperature of the capacitor is less than 40 <C, the temperature of the reactor is less than 45 <C, the temperature of the furnace is less than 45 <C, the temperature of the inlet and outlet of the furnace is less than 55 <C, and the temperature of the water-cooled cable is less than 45. <C, the yoke temperature is less than 90 <C, and the transformer temperature is less than 45 <C.

    6. When the furnace is shut down for more than two hours or when the whole water stop is required, in order to ensure the safe operation of the transformer, the high-voltage switch station must be notified to cut off the power of the melting furnace , otherwise the transformer will heat up quickly and damage the transformer.

    7. Keep equipment clean and hygienic, especially pay attention to the cleaning of reactors, capacitors and control silicon. The relevant parts should be effectively cleaned each time during the furnace.

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