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    Electric furnace technical information

    what is intermediate frequency induction melting furnace?

    Medium frequency induction furnace (hereinafter referred to as induction furnace) operating frequency between 50 to 10 Hz,  the 50HZ  three-phase power frequency  alternating current through the SCR rectifier equipment,,It develop into a pulsating DC power supply, and then outputs about 1KHZ AC [medium frequency] electric energy to the furnace body through SCR inversion.When the intermediate frequency current passes through the furnace coil, it converts the electric energy into magnetic energy in the form of magnetic field, that is, alternating magnetic field is produced in the furnace body. When the furnace body loaded the steel , an eddy current is induced in the steel. This eddy current will make the steel temperature rise quickly, and convert the magnetic energy into the thermal energy, thus completing the conversion of electric energy and thermal energy. The Medium frequency induction melting furnace is mainly composed of:

    • crucible made of refractory material
    • medium frequency power supply,
    • induction coil

    The  charged metal material in the crucible is equivalent to the secondary winding of the transformer. When the induction coil is connected to the alternating current power supply, an alternating magnetic field is produced in the induction coil. The induction electromotive force is produced in the charge when the metal charging material in the crucible is cut by the magnetic wire. Due to the formation of a closed loop of the charge material itself, the characteristic of the secondary winding is only one turn and is closed. So the induction current is produced in the charge material at the same time. When the induction current passes through the charge, the charge is heated to promote its melting.

    The medium frequency induction furnace adopt the medium frequency power supply to establish the medium frequency magnetic field, causes the ferromagnetic material interior to produce the induction eddy current to heat, achieves the heating material goal. Induction heating is applied in medium frequency induction furnace with 200-2500Hz medium frequency power supply to Melt and heat preservation.

    Medium frequency Induction melter is widely used in smelting non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals. Compared with other metal melting equipment, IF induction furnace has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, short smelting time, less alloy element burning loss, wide smelting materials, less pollution to the environment, accurate control of the temperature and composition of molten metal.

     advantages of intermediate frequency induction melting furnace

    Due to the advantage of Medium frequency induction furnace heating system 1:small volume 2:light weight, 3:high efficiency, 4:excellent thermal processing quality 5: favorable environment ,induction furnace are rapidly phasing out coal-fired furnace, gas furnace, oil-fired furnace and ordinary resistance furnace, is a new generation of metal melting equipment.Its most notable features are follwings:

    • Fast smelting speed, good power saving effect, low metal loss and low energy consumption.
    • Self-mixing function, melting temperature and uniform metal composition.
    • Electric heating work environment is excellent
    • Perfect starting performance, empty load furnace and full load furnace can both reach 100% start

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