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        induction furnace IF power supply maintenance
    Reasonable use, correct operation and meticulous maintenance are important guarantees for safe operation of the intermediate frequency power supply and avoiding malfunctions. In normal maintenance, the improvement of production efficiency cannot be underestimated.
    1. Always remove dust from the power cabinet. For sites with poor environment, there is more dust, and it is better to do cleaning work to prevent insulation from falling.
    2. Regularly inspect and repair the device, and inspect and tighten the bolts and crimping parts of each part. Do not use it in a place where there is looseness or poor contact, so as to avoid further malfunction.
    3. Regularly verify the overcurrent and overvoltage values of the device, check the reliability of the protection system, and prevent protection failure.
    4. Always check if the wiring of the load is good and the insulation is reliable. The load is at the work site, the fault rate is relatively high, and there are many dust and scales. Strengthening the maintenance of the load and preventing the fault from affecting the power cabinet are an important part of ensuring the safe operation of the equipment.
    5. Always check if the water pipe joint is firm and clean the scale and blockage in the cooling water pipe in time. When the device is running in summer, the cooling part is prone to condensation. It should be considered to reduce the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water, and stop the operation when the condensation is serious.

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