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    Electric furnace technical parameters

    Several major factors leading to the accident of the intermediate frequency furnace


    Dealing with molten iron is undoubtedly always the same high-risk work. By controlling the temperature of the melting workshop, the degree of cleanliness and eliminating dangerous working areas, the risk factors such as high temperature noise and smoke are reduced. Many induction furnace melting workshops have greatly improved working conditions. . However, some inherent risk factors in close contact with molten iron are impossible to completely eliminate. Remind everyone to pay attention to safety when using the intermediate frequency furnace, pay attention to safety first.

    The causes of many induction furnace accidents in metallurgical plants are:

    1. The presence of moist materials in the charge causes a steam explosion.

    2. Temperature sampling or lack of operating skills when adding alloys, causing splashes of molten metal.

    3. Injecting large metal materials into the furnace causes the molten iron to splash.

    4. Unreasonable feeding system leads to bridging.

    5. Failure to escape outside the safety line resulted in injury.

    6. Contact with the power conductor, safety interlock control failure or contact with incompletely discharged capacitors, etc., resulting in shock or death.

    7. Lack of proper safety training.

    In summary, in order to use the correct method for fault repair of the intermediate frequency furnace, it is necessary to be familiar with the characteristics and causes of the common faults of the intermediate frequency power supply, in order to reduce the detours, save time, eliminate the faults as soon as possible, and restore the normal operation of the intermediate frequency furnace. In order to ensure the smooth progress of production.

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