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    Electric furnace technical information

    Quick way to find faults in intermediate frequency furnaces

    Under normal circumstances, the operator can divide the faults in the intermediate frequency furnace into two types according to the fault phenomenon.

    One is that it cannot be started at all, and the other is that it does not work properly after startup.

    According to the general principle, after the fault occurs, the entire system of the intermediate frequency furnace must be thoroughly checked at the power supply to ensure safe operation.

    Thoroughly check the following sections:

    The first one is the intermediate frequency power supply. Use a multimeter to measure the switch of the main circuit. If the insurance is normal, the possibility of disconnection of the components is excluded. Next, check the normal operation of the rectifier. The rectifier uses a fully controlled rectifier circuit. This circuit consists of six fast-blow fuses, six thyristors and six pulse transformers.

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